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Putting out the open sign

The back and front doorways of the Ark are more or less complete, painted etc now. but the SIGN for the front – ah, what do i write on that? I am so many things to as many people – and to myself.
Last night I was in an elevated,  clarified sort of state after watching Midnight in Paris, where the writer hero gets to explore the idealised past, and has to realise that his place is in the present – that’s where he must create, and love, or not at all. I saw from that higher place that I wanted to have the cosmic perspective in all I do. Which may or may not need to be written on that sign. Jesus – the carpenter, to those he served and made a living from in his home town! (Assuming he was a carpenter like his father of course! But for the sake of the illustration we can assume he was…)
I felt again that the ideal for life here on Earth, embodied as we obviously are in the humble flesh, is to be as the burning bush in which I AM appeared to Moses – on fire with the divine energy, yet not consumed. Still a bush – but what a bush!
 A balance of the fiery airy divine transcendent and the earthy watery immanent.
I know there are a dozen Shoulds and Duties (and people and banks who embody them!) that would tell me right now what I should be doing right now to earn my daily bread by the sweat of my brow. Yet that higher perspective is demanding an answer – What will I put on that sign? It is up to me, though every should wants to tell me it isn’t.
I put this halting journey up here, as it’s a journey that might entertain or inform, though painful for me! It is a journey of discovery too and a privilege – and a ‘right’. Just the constricted financial circumstances and pressure make it seem ‘wrong’.
Incidentally, what’s YOUR ‘sign’? Officially and unofficially. What’s written on the lines and what is between the lines. Which is most important? Should they be reversed? What if you wrote on your business card the things you DON’T say about what you do – and did them much more? If you ‘came out’? It’s a big question I know – we still want to be able to find an honest-to-goodness plumber, or carpenter – or book printer and binder. But more and more we are looking for someone to help us unblock our life energies, or repair the house of our spirit, or help us tell our story. Wouldn’t it be great to honour that more and see more business cards that had those things just as honestly offered?
So, what will I put on that open sign in front of the Ark, already?
Watch this space…

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