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the new connection economy and the amazing effects of ‘random access’ on every part of life. mostly practical reflections based on my ‘Tree of Life’ process philosophy.

If you land here, go to LoveQor

This blog is now an historic glade in my rambling blogger’s forest.

korman and lady in thorns

Main personal blog is now, but the latest vision and focus is now  

loveqor header with apple

pdf: loveqor header with apple

This is a whole new way of seeing life and exploring how we can thrive together in creative harmony. It is linked to the vision of a new kind of enterprise culture, currency and stock exchange. Come on over! It’s all happening now…



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“I AM, I cried” – now to be found actively at wizard of eutopia

Tennessee Moon

Thanks, Neil Diamond… Remember that strange passionate song in the ?60’s? …’and no one heard at all, not even the chair’… sounds like much of my blogging in the scattered outposts of my blogging empire 🙂

I tried to portray my own ‘chair’ at that time in a painting. It’s hard for a young human to have a clear coherent vision of themselves and the world they have found themselves in…

the chair of the artist as a young man reduced

Note the chair is a swivelchair – a sign of things to come? Indirection and vacillation? It still isn’t ‘finished’, either…

For those who wish to follow the uncertain pilgrimage, my swivelchair is now at:

I’ll probably keep this free blog up just for the history, but if you would be so kind, take a cybersecond  and click on the link above and go to wizardofeutopia where you can click follow and get the latest and greatest progress a little to one side of the 21st Century from the Great Anachronism of Kaiwaka, Peter Harris, aka the Wizard of Eutopia. Much of it will now be news of his latest foray, back to his future of 1970, when he went to art school – for six weeks. There will be sculpture, at least – oh yes, there will be sculpture… I just hope I will have the Time to create a magnum opus here at Cafe Eutopia…

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something that makes concrete the yearning for Avalon and real magic in life and a new Camelot, a new Eden, and a Brave New World (in a good way – not another Dystopia, please! They’re so easy to do, and such a dead end, and have been done to death! – pardon the pun) summed up in an image of the Possible Human, Sheman, or Overman. What will that look like? I’m not sure. But the David of Michaelangelo inspires me that it is possible to make manifest a particular conception of human qualities. Also, in a less sublime form but heroic in scale, the statue of Liberty.

Intrigued? I hope so! It is the Age of surfeit, yet there is a terrible poverty of spirit as we consume ever more low-sustenance web gruel on Facebook and Twitter. It seems everyone is saying ‘I am’ online, but then the vast majority go on to tell us – what they had for breakfast! When we could be talking about the possible human, and the possible society which this new world makes reachable, if we could only believe it together and so talk and work towards it. To quote Nietzsche, ‘Astronomers of the Ideal, where are you?’

The link again:

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How to be a wizard – for 99c

Well after the quick dashing off came some picking up pieces and tidying –  some rewriting, a late-night uploading, and re-formatting and reloading.

‘How to be a Wizard – how life is magical and we are too’ is now OUT.  Scary! the short blurb:

This short book is not about ‘pointy hats‘. Instead, I outline the foundations of the True West, and list the ‘Wizard’s Desiderata’ – what is needed to live a life which is truly powerful, truly magical, truly mythical, and truly possible. It always has been possible to be a ‘wizard’ of one’s life, though never perhaps with as little danger of being burned at the stake! 

I made a short version of the book to give to customers as a free passport book if they spend $10 at Cafe Eutopia and leave their email address. The full (colour) printed version is $9.99, but only 99c as an ebook.  Now on Smashwords,

and Kindle

The cover:

How to be a wizard. The passport book.

It does raise the bar for oneself, writing a guide to something. Can I live up to it? Certainly one doesn’t always feel like whatever it is one is claiming to be (For example, right now I have a slight nausea – a symptom that can make anything feel like bleah. I wonder, did Gandalf have a stomach ache on the bridge of Khazad Dum? We’ll never know.)

But that isn’t any reason to back off declaring oneself. Or raising the flag of some ideal or idea. If we wait until we know we are perfect, or feel we are, no flags would ever be raised, or they’d be pulled down again at the first stomach ache or flu or migraine or domestic meltdown, and then where would we be?

Certainly those with something to share whether paid or not need to raise a flag. It’s called marketing. It’s a bit scary! Or for the sensitive Cancerian artist or contemplative, terrifying.  But part of being in the world. Which clearly, we are. We can’t be passive observers. At least now on the threshold of the digital age we can put out something like an ebook and people can sample it for free, and only spend 99c (Amazon’s minimum price) to have our best offerings on their ereaders forever, weightless and maintenance-free.  So the risk for book maker and book reader is way lower, and everyone benefits. And it is great news for the voluminous writer – it costs no more to produce my 2000 page epic as an ebook than to put up this little passport.

What condensed wisdom could you write up one inspired weekend and upload? The power is there for anyone to do it. (If you want help uploading, I do that too see my

What about the shingle I put out at the front? Well, the wind kept blowing it over, the corrugated polycarb protecting the printout dims it down, I printed it too small…

So that also need tidying up. So many opportunities to back down and give up! But I will redesign and put it out again.  All part of the process. the dreaming, the Idea, the working out, the following through. Wonderful synchronicities and synergies do happen, bringing things together, but there’s no magic wand when it comes to actually building the things. That’s where the ‘law of attraction’ has to be balanced with a ‘law of Processing’. That’s in the How to be a Wizard guide too, of course!







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ebooks uploading now at Ark!

Well the learning curve continues as right-brained visionary writers jump nervously through virtual hoops. I am of course assuming there are others out there like myself doing it, or trying to in between actually writing…

I’ve persevered with Smashwords and Kindle in tandem for full coverage, and now have put 4 up on Kindle and 3 of those at Smashwords. (The extra one is the Girl and the Guardian, which was put up ages ago on kindle and is awaiting one last edit before we re-upload it. You can re-upload at any time, new covers etc too.)

The Icon of Ainenia, a favourite book ‘baby’ which I birthed in a particularly rightbrained visionary mode about seven years ago, is the latest:

Before that I did the new version of my perennial ‘Fantastic Ferrocement’ complete with dozens of coloured photos and dozens of diagrams.


Both Smashwords and kindle handled it fine, and it seems like a kind of miracle that all that is (or will be soon in the case of kindle which takes a few hours to appear) out there for instant download anywhere at any time of day or night. No printing or binding worries, no financial outlay, just time and a bit of agony in the left brain department. It gets easier though, and i am now about to offer the service to other even more techno-wary brothers and sisters of the writing kin.

see and sample up to 20% for free,  and with one click buy( ! 🙂 ) – the ebooks on offer from the wizard of eutopia on these two alternative author pages, on amazon and smashwords:

Well, now, what are you going to upload? (or pay me a small fee to?) It truly is free for the taking, and for the finding through google, and even if the books don’t sell for a year or three, they are still out there until the web falls or western civilisation, or you decide to take’em down…


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Videos are now on the menu – yum!

The first is a youtube video posted on the Wheel of Wisdom blog. See it here:

Taken on my smartphone (samsung galaxy). So easy apart from little things about how to upload top my computer – easy now tho. Any little uncertainty can bring on the ‘techno-angst’ syndrome we mostly all suffer from at least a bit, due to microsfot and other nerdy techy interfaces and our failures to comprehend the rat-mazes the nerd programmers take for granted…

Anyway, let’s USE the technology so freely (apart from the techno-angst cost) available now on the web! I am excited at the potential for sharing ideas and inspiration, techniques and visual feasts…


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The Wizdom Tree Game

This is a photo of the prototype table-sized game (working title ‘Wizdom Tree’ as wisdom tree is an investment company ) taken by smartphone by not-so-smart phone user, me, who finally got the samsung ‘kies’ program download so he could get his 150-odd photos off the dang thing. Well yay – now! The technology works – now. but it took a foray into google to find out how. why is the tech so smart but the interface so autistic?

I have almost decided that it’s best to just print out the game rather than carve and cast it with marble tracks. Partly because it’s so much brighter, partly since it allows game to be played with the smooth washable glass surface on it, and also because I know it’s mainly about  the ideas, which keep evolving. If it is a graphic I can update and tweak and print out, instead of having to re-carve and cast it, AND stain in the various colours. So, once again digital wins. Ultimate would be to have a colour touchscreen the size of a tabletop/ maybe next year!? ipads are just the beginning.

Wizdom Tree game, tabletop  printed version

Wizdom Tree game, tabletop printed version.

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“Let’s make a dent in the universe”

I was quoting this phrase of Steve Jobs only days ago – and now he is gone.

Let’s all take on a bit – or why not a lot – of his spirit of creativity to make a dent in our own (man-made cultural) universes, which have so much that could be improved, eliminated or panel-beaten.

Another wonderful man, Seth Godin, posted in his blog:

hmm there must be a neater way to add link to his blog entry!

so anyway Seth said a billion or so people have the most powerful tool ever in ordinary hands – the personal compuer – because of Jobs. And asked what are we going to use it for. (not to mention the iphones!)

so, what will WE create TODAY? Me, i hasten to unfold the New Leaf project which has the potential to put a dent in the publishing universe. in a good way of course!

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