We are in residence – flatmates wanted!

Back from Europe, NZ is a gem in the blue Pacific. Settling into the Haven with much thankfulness to be here. This ad will appear in the Gisborne Trader soon, but if you see this now contact us 022 332 6568 or peter@eutopia.co.nz:

Flatmates wanted, Mangapapa, quiet Street, nice garden, with 2 doglets, 1 cat, 1 gardener, 1 artist, nonsmokers. See our house blog appletreehaven.wordpress.com. 2 rooms in house $130 & $140 inc. power, wifi; self-contained cabin in back garden $160/wk.


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If you land here, go to LoveQor

This blog is now an historic glade in my rambling blogger’s forest.

korman and lady in thorns

Main personal blog is now wizardofeutopia.com, but the latest vision and focus is now www.loveqor.com  

loveqor header with apple

pdf: loveqor header with apple

This is a whole new way of seeing life and exploring how we can thrive together in creative harmony. It is linked to the qorflow.com vision of a new kind of enterprise culture, currency and stock exchange. Come on over! It’s all happening now…


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“I AM, I cried” – now to be found actively at wizard of eutopia

Tennessee Moon

Thanks, Neil Diamond… Remember that strange passionate song in the ?60’s? …’and no one heard at all, not even the chair’… sounds like much of my blogging in the scattered outposts of my blogging empire 🙂

I tried to portray my own ‘chair’ at that time in a painting. It’s hard for a young human to have a clear coherent vision of themselves and the world they have found themselves in…

the chair of the artist as a young man reduced

Note the chair is a swivelchair – a sign of things to come? Indirection and vacillation? It still isn’t ‘finished’, either…

For those who wish to follow the uncertain pilgrimage, my swivelchair is now at:


I’ll probably keep this free blog up just for the history, but if you would be so kind, take a cybersecond  and click on the link above and go to wizardofeutopia where you can click follow and get the latest and greatest progress a little to one side of the 21st Century from the Great Anachronism of Kaiwaka, Peter Harris, aka the Wizard of Eutopia. Much of it will now be news of his latest foray, back to his future of 1970, when he went to art school – for six weeks. There will be sculpture, at least – oh yes, there will be sculpture… I just hope I will have the Time to create a magnum opus here at Cafe Eutopia…

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something that makes concrete the yearning for Avalon and real magic in life and a new Camelot, a new Eden, and a Brave New World (in a good way – not another Dystopia, please! They’re so easy to do, and such a dead end, and have been done to death! – pardon the pun) summed up in an image of the Possible Human, Sheman, or Overman. What will that look like? I’m not sure. But the David of Michaelangelo inspires me that it is possible to make manifest a particular conception of human qualities. Also, in a less sublime form but heroic in scale, the statue of Liberty.

Intrigued? I hope so! It is the Age of surfeit, yet there is a terrible poverty of spirit as we consume ever more low-sustenance web gruel on Facebook and Twitter. It seems everyone is saying ‘I am’ online, but then the vast majority go on to tell us – what they had for breakfast! When we could be talking about the possible human, and the possible society which this new world makes reachable, if we could only believe it together and so talk and work towards it. To quote Nietzsche, ‘Astronomers of the Ideal, where are you?’

The link again:


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On becoming a grandfather and carving a ferrocement fountain

Back from Gisborne where we met a new addition to this plane of being! Anna our daughter had a boy, and we got our first grandchild 🙂 About time. I’ve been feeling quite old… Both birth and becoming a parent or grandparent are thresholds which can open our eyes to the wonder of being here…

The baby (as yet unnamed) cried for the first half hour or so, inconsolably, indignantly, as if protesting the transition into the world. Then he heard Anna’s loving voice and began to calm down, and had his first feed, and began looking around. I stood beside Anna and saw his eyes fixed on her face shift to look at mine, then go back to gazing at her again. So aware, so new, and yet so wise and calm-looking. I thought of the wonderful Wordsworth lines:

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,   60
        Hath had elsewhere its setting,
          And cometh from afar:
        Not in entire forgetfulness,
        And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come   65
        From God, who is our home:
Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

For the full poem see http://www.bartleby.com/101/536.html And I ‘told’ him to remember where he came from… We’ll see if he does…

It’s a big responsibility, being a grandparent. So, while staying at Anna and Marco’s nice hilltop home, I made myself as useful as I could while Raewyn of course gardened (and helped with the gourmet cooking), and built a ferro fountain/birdbath to go in the middle of the ferro raised bed circle I built last time I was there.

This is it on the morning we had to go. It’s nearly finished… The rain slowed the painting so I didn’t finish the two-toning. I did the little details at the base for the baby, of course! The gnome ‘wizard’ looks a bit like me, just shorter and no glasses…:) There’s a gnome lady sunbathing on the far side too. Note, if you will, the dwarf from snow white and rose red looking at a fish in the stream… There’s a rabbit, too, on the other side. I hope to be able to do another one up here for sale at Eutopia – and/or do some to order. It will help keep the wolf from the proverbial door, I hope…

annas birdbath 05 05 13 reduced peter in fountain Gisborne IMG_8857 copy

So, what does the baby LOOK like?

He is very calm most of the time. He was born about midday, and came back with Anna that afternoon! They don’t keep them in long nowadays. Here are a few images, which of course don’t really capture the 3d reality.

Anna and marco  baby IMG_8835 anna and baby great grandma and us IMG_8916 anna and baby IMG_8813 anna and baby IMG_8819 anna and baby IMG_8937

We found a secondhand book on becoming a grandmother and bought it, and it even had a bit about grandfathers too! So it is another tie that binds, though as with all life we are only here as it were passing through, and just do what we can while we are able… My recent ‘here and now’ realisation takes some practicing! Looking at a baby resting could definitely help us remember how it’s done…

And the ebook in question, a week after uploading as a free ebook on smashwords, has had 92 downloads. Not too bad… I hope someone reviews it some time… It is such a ‘black hole’ mostly, the free stuff – almost no one gives feedback. they just take it and who knows? get a fleeting something from it and then forget it. It is depressing sometimes.  The age of surfeit.

Ah well, life itself goes on, and is real.

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Happiness – it’s Now or Never. The ebook I wrote at the airport. Hope it takes off!

I am now pretty happy…. Just before leaving for far-away (well 8 hours by car) Gisborne to join Raewyn at our daughter Anna’s place and await her first baby and our first grandchild, I was stressed and not sure I could cope.  But I saw a book lying round and dipped into it. The next morning I read a bit more of it, and had an epiphany.

The book is ‘Happy for No Reason‘ by Marci Shimoff. The epiphany – well read this free ebook I wrote about it while waiting overnight on standby at Auckland International airport. I had three coffees and didn’t sleep a wink, but I wrote a book! That felt good. See it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/309807

Last night, safely arrived in Gisborne, I did the cover and uploaded the ebook to Smashwords.

Cover for 'Happiness - it's Now or Never'Tell me if it’s rubbish, but I at least have vowed to follow this one until I am able to practice the ‘happiness is here and now’ wisdom at all times. The irony is I’ve been holding up the ideal of Eutopia all these years but not practicing the first principle of Eutopia, which is that HERE is a ‘Eutopia’ or Good Place, and we only find happiness Now, and again Now… Then, happy, we can also work to improve the place yet more. But if in our minds it’s always  ‘jam tomorrow, jam yesterday but  never jam today’, we will NEVER have or dwell in Eutopia.  

But do download and read the tract – it’s short and hopefully clear. If you like it, put a star rating on it and propel it to wider readership. That would make me very happy! 🙂


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Revenge of the Nerds – Letter Two of ‘If You’re so Smart…’ series

Well I’ve been catching up on a few important but non-urgent pet projects, such as this… To download it free, go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/308238

Simple Nodes Prosper – Letter Two of the series “If you’re so Smart, How Come You Ain’t Rich?”

Cover for 'Simple Nodes Prosper - Letter Two of the series "If you're so Smart, How Come You Ain't Rich?"'

By Peter Harris
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: April 20, 2013
Words: 1,993 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301465965


More advice, strictly for the Nerds, from the heart and mind of a serial entrepreneur idealist nerd who is now finally getting exactly what it takes to succeed in the actual (socially driven) world. (No principles were injured in the making of this book.)


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Top-secret Labyrinth plan leaked! Manifesto herewith

It was an inside job. He’s hard to keep under control…

Just drawn up today, too!

Oh well, now the plan is ‘OUT’ , I’d better tell all: Karen is continuing to continue to lease and run cafe Eutopia (www.Eutopia.co.nz – the organic cafe business).  After all, until such time as I or my ilk should buy it. However I still want to do an ‘experience economy makeover’ of the place, as it may be the best- certainly the most fun and meaningful – way to monetise the dream, allowing me to finish the building.

However, Karen is unlikely to relinquish control of the Tent area, where I was thinking to make the Labyrinth. So today I drew up a plan for a relatively simple structure at the back of the cafe. a second, ‘esoteric’ dining area, for the pilgrims of Love Beauty Truth and Freedom. (I KNOW they’re out there – they write something in the visitor’s book almost every day!)

labyrinth of qor concept 19 04 13 copy

What think ye? I will attempt a ‘Qorflow’ funding of this, if private investors not forthcoming (??:) The economics of it are simple: they pay $2-$5 at the door for the magical transformative experience that awaits them within. There will be coloured light, as in every self-respecting cathedral, in this case coded according to the symbolism of Blue = Love and listening, Green = Beauty, Novelty, Yellow = Truth, logic strategy; Red = Freedom (directed powerful expression of the strategy)

The main idea of the different tables is they can either move though them in turn or go to the colour/zone that attracts them most, there to mingle with others of like mind, with the instructions (in the free handbook that comes with the entry fee) to share and communicate as pilgrims ought. And to play the game of qor at the tables, which will all have the layout on them in full colour…

Or if they want to be intense alone, they sit in the smaller tables which surround the main one for each zone. Note the wrap-around seating for these ones.

I have studied humans for 13 years now at the cafe and elsewhere, and i’ve been alarmed at their opaqueness to anything perceived as ‘abstract’ – i generalise here of course! – but encouraged at the unforeseen power of a walk-through, architecturally expressed concept. the courtyard of the cafe is such an environment

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– AND the power of Story to get concepts past the anti-conceptual filters (as with apples of aeden  – see the Free ebook version of volume one here and see what i mean… http://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=girl+and+the+guardian there’s lots of labyrinth action in this epic, and the philosophy is interwoven with the whole world of aeden and the Order of the Makers…

So, after a few too many blank stares about the Game of Qor,

Qor  game plate  reduced 11 04 13

(see http://www.qor.co.nz for news pictures  and theory on this game.) I came to think the only way to get through is to build it big enough for people to ‘get’ it by going THROUGH it. By acting it out, if you like. As they go from room to room they will feel the power of each of the four modes (and in the purple Centre they feel the stabilising power of the Balance, the status quo of life). They will also get the dynamic function of each mode by talking as per instructions ONLY love in the Blue zone, ONLY possibility in the Green zone, ONLY comparison and evaluation in the Yellow, and ONLY action and tactics in the Red.

Powerful? Yes, I believe it will be transformational for many people. And it is non-sectarian, no revelations need be bought into, just common sense about the way the universe seems to unfold.

The completion of the vision of 13 years ago is approaching. Want to be part of the Labyrinth of Qor? Would you pay $5 to experience it and come away with a passport to Qor as well?

Oh yes, here’s the drawing placed on the latest concept map of Eutopia and Dreamspace:

eutopia plan including proposed labyrinth of Qor CROPPED copy


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This bookmark will surely die

My latest evangelium:

Ebook Uploader This bookmark will die SIMPLER LIGHTER 16 04 13

original post at ebookuploader: http://ebookuploader.com/2013/04/16/this-bookmark-will-surely-die-but-ebook-heaven-offered/

It’s a little bit exciting, thinking how many could find at least vicarious immortality through ebookisation. Spread the word, ye who know! They shall be read by those who seek them down through the centuries, read on readers yet to be invented, and right now on smartphones, ipads, ipods yea and tablets of all kinds and sizes, androids and apples and all kinds.

what a world we do live in! It’s a great life if you don’t get overwhelm. Most of us have, of course… Think how the martyred librarian of Alexandria, Hypatia who was murdered by a ravaging Christian mob, would have wept to see all the books now freely available, forever free from local bodily vulnerability!

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On New Things and the Balance

Well the making of the game Qor has been most-if-not-all-absorbing, and last week, still frustrated by the details of making the rules clear for ‘normal folk’ who don’t think abstract let alone process abstract, i realized something about commitment and balance: we naturally are committed to our ‘home zone’ – that part of universal process where we have the most energy and ability. For me this is Green zone – creating new ideas and possibilities and (often) prototyping them. When I have a project in that zone i forget all else, almost, sacrificing my own wellbeing and that of others of course, in the mad pursuit of the finish line which always seems so near and so often recedes maddeningly as one approaches it.

So, here is the latest version of Qor the game. I have put it to one side to catch up with many other commitments, some of which some recipients of this blog know only too well…

Qor  game plate  reduced 11 04 13more info at www.qor.co.nz 


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Liberated the Game bird into blue ebook heaven

It feels good! The all-new intro and rule book for the ‘Glass Bead’ Wheel of Wisdom creativity game is live as an ebook – free on smashwords:


cover 820pm 12 0213 copy




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