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Like drawing teeth… but wizards can’t afford addictions, dammit!

I’m writing this as the injections wear off after a big tooth extracted from my head, the third in only a few weeks. It puts you in a sober frame of mind, losing parts… Last post I was going to the WOW! gathering to discuss with others the wisdoms we have, might have and should have as we go on into 2012 and beyond. I guess the biggest thing that happened for me there was to be asked what am i doing here (on planet Earth)? Like,


‘Peter Harris aka Wizard of Eutopia, i guess…’

‘You guess?’

‘OK, i want to be a real wizard and show the way, teach others to be wizards, maybe start a wizard school (or school of philosophy or wisdom school)…’


‘Ok, I’ll go away and think about it, I guess.’

Do or do not.’

That is the inner conversation, paraphrased, which happened as the WOW ended, and partly outer, as i discussed with a young, spiritually wired (in a good way!) man from the Chek Republic. Name of Adam…

I went away, continued to think, and the third tooth continued to throb, worse and worse until dentist said it had to go. Meanwhile i had read about the western diet and teeth and decided to put myself on a ‘wizard diet’ – my own take on the best pre-modern diet – no caffeine for a start. !@#%^$??  The tooth pain made the withdrawal from caffeine almost painless, somehow, and i also went off bread. The ‘Paleolithic diet’ is the general idea. Eating what we evolved eating, cutting out the processed pure white and deadly things… We really are surrounded by our addictions and follies, and the cost of having them. Ouch, ouch ouch. The injections have totally worn off and the whole cheek and jaw feels like it had been jabbed about four times, cut open, a tooth ripped out, and then sewn up again. Which is about what did happen… Reality can bite hard! What I hate is how addictions – personal and national – can feel Ok, feel OK, and then wham, they’re NOT OK. Like the addiction to debt. Or sugar. Karma, karma, all around.

Back to the ‘What am i here for?’ question. The way to kick an addiction i reckon is to answer that question fair and square, and act on your answer, by BEING it. When you really have a mission, a Mainspring, and an IDENTITY, it isnt so hard to make the sacrifices needed. But boy, the sacrifices do come up! The teeth synchronistically coming to a head at the same time as my vocational do-or-do-not crisis, the pain of them, is no accident. And when the pain clears? Will i go on and fulfill the vision? Watch this space…

Meanwhile, what is YOUR purpose in coming here? What addictions (personal or national) cushion you from actually being that? In the end, are they worth the cushioning they provided? (hint: they aren’t, if only because they become unsustainable just when you need them the most). Better just go be the Wizard… of YOUR life. 🙂 Take the blue pill. (or was it the red one?) See you on the other side 🙂

PS:  i am still carving the tree of Life staff, nearly done. And the Wheel of Wisdom likewise – getting there. Then there will be a symbolic basis for the school. Interested? Dare to be involved? Let me know.




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The need for personal manifestos and a collective “wisdom mindmap”

This post is based on one i put on the WOW! website just now.

An idea struck me today as I answered an email from my son who is taking a fundamentalist position about a contentious family issue over his gay cousin banned from the christian grandparent’s 90th birthday celebration. I said,

“…let’s say it’s not written in stone or a priori self-evident that one set of laws carved in stone (and there are many, as you know!) is completely reliable and true. Then we need to question, dont we? IF there was no other form of reasoning than to deductively explore consequences of premises fixed by irreversible cultural trends, then we would indeed be stuck.
But there is: charles peirce showed there are three kinds of reasoning. the other two are induction and abduction(or ‘retroduction‘, or hypothesis-formation). It seems clear to me the only way to reliably approach truth in our beliefs is to form hypotheses and test them, including by deductive logic, to explore their consequences and see if there’s an absurdity, an abhorrence  or a conflict with observation of any kind.
…what is hard about fundamentalism is it does protect certain combinations of morality and ethics, so to let it go or challenge it does invite a fear reaction. But there is a sane, wise and godly alternative to fundamentalist acceptance of a set of laws written in stone thousands of years ago. What is it called? That’s one of the problems. All the labels are problematic. It’s not liberalism as commonly understood, or rationalism, or holism, theism deism or platonism… maybe we need a new term and a new manifesto?  And write THAT in stone? Then maybe you would see it as an alternative to this bible-based fundamentalist morality. If i wrote a draft of such a credo or manifesto, would you look at it?”
So, I really felt moved to give it a go. Not to bow down and worship the stone tablets, but to have them there as a (family?) discussion document, a working map of the territory as I currently understand it. Labels are necessary. Anything not labelled conveniently has a kind of shadowy existence in our human minds. imagine if we had to say, ‘i’, taking the thing with four wheels  and a motor on the blackish open strip to the usually four-walled structure where there are these things we like to eat usually squarish and put into transparent bags…’ etc., instead of ‘I’m taking the car to the dairy to buy some bread.’
So I suggest we all would all do well to jot down our own credo, to be as persuasive and clear as possible, to share and of course to edit, adapt or rip up as life (and other people) opens us to new understandings. Oh yes, and label it!
Let’s nail our colours to our masts!
I’d like to think that whole groups could take the manifestos of all their members and order them around the most commonly accepted propositions, and make a kind of ‘Wisdom mindmap’ of their collective understanding as it is – for discussion and clarification, and conscious, considered evolution of their beliefs. It would go with the Wheel of Wisdom game perfectly…
We need to fight back against the well-labelled holy scriptures taking the place of our hard-won freedoms and yes, ?liberal/rational/ethical wisdom. Not by attacking their scriptures, but by creating our own, but with built-in amendment clauses and procedures for amendment. That is really what constitutions are. But we need them in our personal and group lives, not just in the national constitutions. The alternative is either a dangerous vagueness or appearance of ‘wishy-washy liberalism’ – or a return to some atavistic cultural ‘static latch’  – a fundamentalism and a scripure that says ‘he who alters or questions me shall be damned’.
To defend the True West we need a manifesto – or a convergence of manifestos. A wisdom mindmap.
 There IS a Wisdom of the West, which must not be allowed to perish by default. We need to codify it, not as a new fundamentalism, but as a newly articulated state of the art reference point for our collective evolving wisdom here in the (relatively) Free West.

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WOW! – Walking Our Wisdom

There is a new movement begun by Elandra Kirsten called WOW! – Walking Our Wisdom in  2012 and beyond. I met Elandra only recently, but as soon as she told me of her vision i said ‘Let’s do it!’ and I put up the website

The first gathering is at Kawai Purapura Albany, Auckland  17-18th march 2012

It is a gathering of ‘wisdom walkers’ of New Zealand and beyond, and a summit for discussing and sharing what each of us has been learning, and how to ‘walk it’ more effectively together for the good of all in these crucial days. My own personal wisdom is the Wisdom Tree of the Balance, where all types and their gifts find a place in the dynamic whole.

Being part of this  has made me think more about the Tree of Life and Wisdom, and now I plan to call the Tree of Life game  Wisdom Tree… And launch it at the Wow gathering. Watch this space… and go visit

There are many wisdoms that make up the cosmic ‘Wisdom Tree’ and many of us revere those of indigenous cultures around the world more than our own Western wisdoms, so discredited by the waste and decadence of our ‘post-modern’ culture. But I plead, let’s not throw out the baby with the polluted bathwater! The Wisdom of the True West is my practice and my vision, to defend and clarify it with reason and passion. The West is in transition and even turmoil, but the truths which it has honoured more in the breach than the observance are sacred, if not perfect, and we CAN have a renaissance and turn things around for LOVE BEAUTY, TRUTH and not least FREEDOM, if we attend to them and re-imagine them. Not in slavish conservatism, but in respect for the power of a world view that honours reason and the open collaborative growth of a body of noble ideals, and a civilisation based on them. The Open Society, someone called it. And to those who say the West has no future because it has turned its back on the Sacred, on God, and believes only in the physical, I say look again: reason has expanded our view so much, that the physicists who have known sin, as Oppenheimer said about the atom bomb developers, have now glimpsed the Birth of the Universe and the quantum entanglement. The Universe is as one of them said, beginning to look less like a great Machine and more like a great Thought. So the West may yet return to a Balance, still honouring the physical but recognising that Mystery which is beyond it and contains it, and permeates it. It may even come to acknowledge again the Divine Feminine, and finally heal the Great Divorce of the Patriarchy. The Story of the West is not ended yet…


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