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The wizard sign out on the road

Here’s a photographic proof that indeed I have ‘come out’, in what now seems like a small way. Like our maths teacher said when we returned for a new year’s studies after passing ‘school Cert’: ‘Congratulations on stepping over the matchstick.’ Meaning the current year was when the real learning would have to begin. He was actually a good teacher, but blunt. He told me once after a particularly strange question (the import of which i forget), ‘Seer clear of the idiot fringe, Harris. Stick to the middle of the road.’ Advice I should have followed, some would say. I might have become a maths teacher like him, instead of a ‘wizard with no visible means of support’.

Well, it is Spring. Now for the real work. Sign needs work too (note the staff of willow – needs a lamp or similar…) But not right now! The thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing. As the late Steven Covey said. And when I do a better one it will probably be the ferrocement ship’s prow like the Cafe Eutopia one in the background. now that WOULD be a sign!

Café Eutopia

Café Eutopia (Photo credit: Albert Freeman)



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How to be a wizard – for 99c

Well after the quick dashing off came some picking up pieces and tidying –  some rewriting, a late-night uploading, and re-formatting and reloading.

‘How to be a Wizard – how life is magical and we are too’ is now OUT.  Scary! the short blurb:

This short book is not about ‘pointy hats‘. Instead, I outline the foundations of the True West, and list the ‘Wizard’s Desiderata’ – what is needed to live a life which is truly powerful, truly magical, truly mythical, and truly possible. It always has been possible to be a ‘wizard’ of one’s life, though never perhaps with as little danger of being burned at the stake! 

I made a short version of the book to give to customers as a free passport book if they spend $10 at Cafe Eutopia and leave their email address. The full (colour) printed version is $9.99, but only 99c as an ebook.  Now on Smashwords,

and Kindle

The cover:

How to be a wizard. The passport book.

It does raise the bar for oneself, writing a guide to something. Can I live up to it? Certainly one doesn’t always feel like whatever it is one is claiming to be (For example, right now I have a slight nausea – a symptom that can make anything feel like bleah. I wonder, did Gandalf have a stomach ache on the bridge of Khazad Dum? We’ll never know.)

But that isn’t any reason to back off declaring oneself. Or raising the flag of some ideal or idea. If we wait until we know we are perfect, or feel we are, no flags would ever be raised, or they’d be pulled down again at the first stomach ache or flu or migraine or domestic meltdown, and then where would we be?

Certainly those with something to share whether paid or not need to raise a flag. It’s called marketing. It’s a bit scary! Or for the sensitive Cancerian artist or contemplative, terrifying.  But part of being in the world. Which clearly, we are. We can’t be passive observers. At least now on the threshold of the digital age we can put out something like an ebook and people can sample it for free, and only spend 99c (Amazon’s minimum price) to have our best offerings on their ereaders forever, weightless and maintenance-free.  So the risk for book maker and book reader is way lower, and everyone benefits. And it is great news for the voluminous writer – it costs no more to produce my 2000 page epic as an ebook than to put up this little passport.

What condensed wisdom could you write up one inspired weekend and upload? The power is there for anyone to do it. (If you want help uploading, I do that too see my

What about the shingle I put out at the front? Well, the wind kept blowing it over, the corrugated polycarb protecting the printout dims it down, I printed it too small…

So that also need tidying up. So many opportunities to back down and give up! But I will redesign and put it out again.  All part of the process. the dreaming, the Idea, the working out, the following through. Wonderful synchronicities and synergies do happen, bringing things together, but there’s no magic wand when it comes to actually building the things. That’s where the ‘law of attraction’ has to be balanced with a ‘law of Processing’. That’s in the How to be a Wizard guide too, of course!







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The putting out of the shingle – at last! I did it. AND wrote a book.

Well today I just finished the painful process of hauling my stuff out into the open. I actually put out that sign tonight when i was sure enough I would have the advertised free book.

I actually wrote that book TODAY! Alright I did quote myself a bit – put in some of my blog posts. But it is 74 pages long, A6 (‘passport’) format, and it is my long-postponed How to be a Wizard. Here is the cover as of last night:



and the back:

Now I’d better wind down for the night… Exciting in a sober sort of way – this is to be a free book for people who call in and meet me at the ark or customers at Cafe Eutopia, a kind of extended ‘business card’ for all I do, especially the School of wisdom and wizardry I guess. Oh and the flow rainbow and Personal Process Profiling service…

So, the best thing in writing the book today i got into what it IS to me to be a ‘wizard’, a believer in the Transcendental Order and synchronicity,  and a would-be Defender of the True West. That is priceless. of course, especially when one has not gone there for a while due to immersion in mechanical details world weariness and a little too much coffee and not enough meditating and exercise….




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What’s in a name… What’s not? A rose by any other name? No!

I’ve just been looking at the story behind my name Peter, and all the connotations of it. Names are indeed compressed stories, myths in fact. All my life I have been Peter – named after the troubled disciple of Jesus who was a fisherman, who claimed he would never desert Jesus but famously denied him three times out of fear in the house of Caiaphas the high priest when Jesus was about to be tried…. And Peter means ‘rock’ – on which Jesus said he’d build his church. Etc. It ties in with the pre-Christian history of the name – a Petra was a standing stand, a threshold stone, etc. Associated with gates, keys, and roosters ushering in the dawn… I realized most of my life has been about being stopped at various thresholds, especially at the gates of the high priests of culture – art dealers, teachers and lecturers, editors… They all stopped me when I came to them, and I denied my own calling rather than negotiate with them – or overcome them. Hmm… ‘Peter’ as me.

I’ve been wrestling with this lately. Anne Hamilton who wrote a book called ‘God’s Poetry –  The Identity and destiny encoded in your name’ triggered it. Just this week I thought ‘What about my second name and also the name my mother nearly called me until I was born and she changed her mind?’ I thought, ‘Maybe I can let those names tell a story that gives me power to go through the thresholds that stopped Peter-as-me?’ So James = Yamin, the Right Hand or sword arm – power, and also right hand man. All good for beingpowerful and going though with things, instead of ‘petering out’ at or just through the threshold. Then, the name my mother nearly called me: Timothy. Honouring God (or, Honoured by God). This is a simple calm powerful name for someone who really wants to go to the higher levels and meditate on the Name – the concept and nature of – God, or the eternal Transendental Order behind all transitory things. It felt great to add this name to my self-story. No more being stuck with Peter in the courtyard of Caiaphas!

Hope this makes sense. What lies behind your name? What could you add to it and live into? Maybe the answer is in your second third or other names… Maybe also in your nicknames. Or maybe those are what are actually stopping you.

Whatever you do, don’t think a rose by any other name… A name is a story, and stories are what we live by.


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