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Videos are now on the menu – yum!

The first is a youtube video posted on the Wheel of Wisdom blog. See it here:

Taken on my smartphone (samsung galaxy). So easy apart from little things about how to upload top my computer – easy now tho. Any little uncertainty can bring on the ‘techno-angst’ syndrome we mostly all suffer from at least a bit, due to microsfot and other nerdy techy interfaces and our failures to comprehend the rat-mazes the nerd programmers take for granted…

Anyway, let’s USE the technology so freely (apart from the techno-angst cost) available now on the web! I am excited at the potential for sharing ideas and inspiration, techniques and visual feasts…



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The Wheel of Wisdom is born

Well after another round of thinking dreaming and asking, I came up with this name, and the blog has begun:

It is  intended to revolutionise the way we think, while having fun! And help us identify our natural working/living style, find and ‘unblock’ the ‘mainspring’ of our life, and find our own balance in life. The table version will be the central ‘tool’ for the school of philosophy, should that materialise!

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The Wizdom Tree Game

This is a photo of the prototype table-sized game (working title ‘Wizdom Tree’ as wisdom tree is an investment company ) taken by smartphone by not-so-smart phone user, me, who finally got the samsung ‘kies’ program download so he could get his 150-odd photos off the dang thing. Well yay – now! The technology works – now. but it took a foray into google to find out how. why is the tech so smart but the interface so autistic?

I have almost decided that it’s best to just print out the game rather than carve and cast it with marble tracks. Partly because it’s so much brighter, partly since it allows game to be played with the smooth washable glass surface on it, and also because I know it’s mainly about  the ideas, which keep evolving. If it is a graphic I can update and tweak and print out, instead of having to re-carve and cast it, AND stain in the various colours. So, once again digital wins. Ultimate would be to have a colour touchscreen the size of a tabletop/ maybe next year!? ipads are just the beginning.

Wizdom Tree game, tabletop  printed version

Wizdom Tree game, tabletop printed version.

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WOW! – Walking Our Wisdom

There is a new movement begun by Elandra Kirsten called WOW! – Walking Our Wisdom in  2012 and beyond. I met Elandra only recently, but as soon as she told me of her vision i said ‘Let’s do it!’ and I put up the website

The first gathering is at Kawai Purapura Albany, Auckland  17-18th march 2012

It is a gathering of ‘wisdom walkers’ of New Zealand and beyond, and a summit for discussing and sharing what each of us has been learning, and how to ‘walk it’ more effectively together for the good of all in these crucial days. My own personal wisdom is the Wisdom Tree of the Balance, where all types and their gifts find a place in the dynamic whole.

Being part of this  has made me think more about the Tree of Life and Wisdom, and now I plan to call the Tree of Life game  Wisdom Tree… And launch it at the Wow gathering. Watch this space… and go visit

There are many wisdoms that make up the cosmic ‘Wisdom Tree’ and many of us revere those of indigenous cultures around the world more than our own Western wisdoms, so discredited by the waste and decadence of our ‘post-modern’ culture. But I plead, let’s not throw out the baby with the polluted bathwater! The Wisdom of the True West is my practice and my vision, to defend and clarify it with reason and passion. The West is in transition and even turmoil, but the truths which it has honoured more in the breach than the observance are sacred, if not perfect, and we CAN have a renaissance and turn things around for LOVE BEAUTY, TRUTH and not least FREEDOM, if we attend to them and re-imagine them. Not in slavish conservatism, but in respect for the power of a world view that honours reason and the open collaborative growth of a body of noble ideals, and a civilisation based on them. The Open Society, someone called it. And to those who say the West has no future because it has turned its back on the Sacred, on God, and believes only in the physical, I say look again: reason has expanded our view so much, that the physicists who have known sin, as Oppenheimer said about the atom bomb developers, have now glimpsed the Birth of the Universe and the quantum entanglement. The Universe is as one of them said, beginning to look less like a great Machine and more like a great Thought. So the West may yet return to a Balance, still honouring the physical but recognising that Mystery which is beyond it and contains it, and permeates it. It may even come to acknowledge again the Divine Feminine, and finally heal the Great Divorce of the Patriarchy. The Story of the West is not ended yet…


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John O’Neill goes public with a great Irish novel

Tonight I’m having fun setting him loose in WordPress. Children of the Cromlech is his new book. see

We have printed the book here at new leaf network, and next comes the Kindle version! World, here comes a new author!

Here is a picture from the book

So, check out Children of the Cromlech, if you have any interest in a short, moving yet understated coming of age novel set in post-WW2 Ireland.

John is presently sitting in our office in the Story Ark typing to the world his first blog post. 🙂 I assured him nothing’s written in stone; he can erase. he said, the Druids werent so lucky – if their chisel slipped for example, it would have been a long grind to smooth away the rock face…

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