The Wizard in Question

To save soul-searching time, here’s my writer profile for submissions to publishers and other mythical beasts:

Peter Harris

Writer, painter, sculptor, inventor, eutopian imagineer.

‘I have abandoned my quest for Truth, and am now looking for a good Fantasy.’ – Ashleigh Brilliant

Peter Harris lives in Kaiwaka, in the North of New Zealand. Since 2001 he has been (as finances permit) building a sculptural inspirational space called Café Eutopia. He describes Eutopia as ‘an organic café, a temple to Beauty, Truth, Freedom and Love, and a bookshop – not necessarily in that order.’ (For lots more on that vision, and photos, see

He is also writing a fantasy trilogy (now a pentalogy), The Apples of Eden (, in collaboration with his older brother and generous patron John Harris of Greenstone Pictures, and has written and self-published other books – fiction, non-fiction and some in between, including The Icon of Ainenia, Fantastic Ferrocement, and A Passport to Eutopia. ( To further this publishing passion he started a digital print-on-demand business called e-press (now sold) and developed a method of binding, hand-embossing book covers, and more recently, ‘edge-branding’ antique-style books.

He has written a short film script with brother John, and developed a serial YA sci-fi fantasy proposal for TV, then turned it into a book: The Nautilus Project.

He spent much of his earlier life (between small business ventures making spinning wheels, clocks, photoframes, trophies, recycled tyre pots etc) in the quest for Truth. He studied at Otago, getting a BA in classical Hebrew and Greek and in the process moving from radical Christianity to angsty agnosticism. Then (in 1990) he left manufacturing to study Philosophy at Auckland University and in 1995 wrote a now-infamous proto-wiki MA thesis called Process and Inquiry in a database format.

Now, as a more or less free-thinking Neoplatonist/Pagan, his main focus is on Beauty and Love, and inspiring others by what he creates in buildings, art and books. The latest focus is the Book Ark, where Peter has started the first New Leaf Network book-binding and self-publishing group. (See


Last millennium, in 1977, he and his wife Raewyn (gardener, mother, partner in the various ventures ill-fated or otherwise) married. Now they live in an extended housetruck on their land by the Kaipara harbour, where they try to fit in some gardening (and homebuilding) when not working on Eutopian quests of one form or another, centred around Café Eutopia and more recently the Book Ark. They have four (mostly) grown-up children.


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  1. Anonymous

    how does it get any better than that?

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