Hi! Thank you for coming here to my little ‘Wood between the Worlds’. From here you can go to my books on either Smashwords or Amazon.

 My ebooks on Smashwords:

My ebooks on Kindle:

Hey, while you are here at my previous blog, I dare you to have a look around, then go to the new domain and site and click ‘follow’ if you are tempted! New posts will then go to your email address you enter, with a link to see the whole post or you can just ‘sample’ it in the email.

Through  Smashwords my ebooks also go to Apple, Kobo and others (search for wizard of eutopia and peter harris on any of these e-readers). But you can buy straight from Smashwords, and they give the author (me!) 85% which is higher than any other i know of.

Ps: I try to keep prices the same, but Amazon don’t let you do FREE without joining their Select program which stops you from publishing anywhere else for at least 3 months. So the promotional price of 99 cents is the cheapest i can do there.


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