About Cafe Eutopia

This is where the magic all converged, I suppose, back in 2000 when we began the never-ending building… What we had called our ‘Field of Dreams’ where we parked the housetruck and grew herbs in recycled tyre pots for sale, now became a sacred building site, where our daughter Anna laboured and dreamed alongside me to build something like the vision I had sketched with her.

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(see the link to the film – I loved this film! And it was true for us – ‘If you build it, they will come’. Though when they came we weren’t exactly ready! and there was a lot of bare plaster and reinforcing rods, and not a very big menu. But people could feel the dream in the air there, almost touch the vision, and as it grew and at last there was a seagull mascot over a moongate entrance,

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and other follies, it became easier to grasp what had been only a gleam in our eyes… Though I found it was the little children who mostly noticed the giant gull right above them as they stepped onto the ferrocement bridge over the little pond-moat and through the moongate into the courtyard of the Five Domes and the Fountain of Life…

Tier 3, Row P, Seat 22

Tier 3, Row P, Seat 22 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So now we have a ‘ruin in reverse’ gradually becoming a little less of a building site and more of an established fact, complete with orange lichen on the seagull’s back, and fruit-bearing figs, and a lemon tree or two, and four oaks, the two biggest being self-rooted on the site where years ago Raewyn’s little hexagonal bamboo shadehouse stood until it disintegrated. But the oak saplings remained, and grew on through the neglect, while we struggled with cappuchinos and organic supplies and cooking in the tiny Fifth Dome kitchen.

As the saying in India goes, according to the ‘Best exotic Marigold Hotel’ film (another ‘eutopian’ film about what really counts in a place – see the shorts here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDY89LYxK0w): ‘It will be all right in the end, and believe me, if it isn’t all right, then it’s not the end!’ Perhaps it takes a belief in another lifetime to be eble to fully buy into this. But it can work even in a single life – deep dreams have deep roots, and the lopped branches or even the whole trunk cut off at the ground, can sprout again.

So with eutopia, which I have had to leave aside for years while I did all sorts of stuff like writing the epic and building a little beachhead on our land on the harbour. But now, with the recession and aftermath of over-borrowing on the mortgage still affecting everything we do, the deepest and oldest roots of the Eutopian dream are sprouting again. I want to start a School, and I have, virtually: the Eutopian School of Wisdom and Wizardry. One day, I think it just might be housed in the back of Cafe Eutopia somewhere. No money – yet.  But good roots  can draw in what the Tree needs, one way or another.  The vision of Eutopia was always one of learning and growing towards the Possible Human and the Possible Civilisation.

Meanwhile the School and the Eutopia Press HQ is at the Story Ark, just across from Eutopia. It is a Good Place too, here, and we live here and there’s a little secondhand book room and in the hall is the Tree of Life Staff and Tree of Life tables, with the about-to-be-launched Game based on the Five domes/phases of Process/tree of Life diagram: the Wheel of Wisdom.


3 responses to “About Cafe Eutopia

  1. this is a lovely honest piece, thank you, reading how it all grew is fascinating

    • Peter Harris

      Thanks – good things take time, they say – this must be *really* good – it feels like it has taken forever! I don’t mind, except I’m running out of lifespan at this rate!

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