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Finding our Mainspring

Success – It’s all about energy and where we personally find it. I think…

This week I got my ‘conative profile’ done, thanks Jim Huse! ( – he does these and much more)

(‘Conation is at the heart of the Kolbe Concept. It is one of the three parts of the mind, equal in importance to cognition (thinking) and affect (personality). Defined as action derived from instinct, purposeful striving, or volition, the term has fallen out of common parlance partly because of modern psychology’s focus on these two other mental dimensions.’ – from the Kathy Kolbe Corp website:

Unsurprisingly i got a 9 out of ten for ‘Quickstart’ energy – i.e. in Lifetree system = Green zone – creativity, but only 2 for ‘Follow-through’ – the Lifetree Red zone.  I really ‘got’ that our home zone (mine is Green) is where we have the most energy, and the others we have to nurture and supplement in order to get them flowing too. According to the Lifetree system, life only flows when we have all four zones flowing freely.

So, if we have low ‘follow-through’ energy, we should do our follow-through (like, for me, editing, completion, selling work) in our highest-energy times of our working day, and not for long so we don’t get exhausted!

But i saw  that that is only a stopgap if we’re still trying to force ourselves to follow through on something that isn’t central to what our life is about – our ‘Mainspring’.

SO, if we lack energy in our work and it never seems to come to fruition, maybe the first thing to do is to go back to the original idea and motivation for doing it in the first place, and ask, ‘Is this a present part of the Mainspring of my life? Would I be upset at not having done this when i am on my deathbed?’

Being able to answer ‘Yes!’ to this is important even if we are working for an employer and getting regular pay-cheques; how much more vital it is when we are trying to run a business of our own, with all its burdens and need for immense follow-through energy before we see a single payday!

For the last few years i’ve been in this boat, as my energies felt all divided and dissipated, and besides that severely limited by age and the peculiar exhaustion which comes from nothing coming to a pay-day, as it were – ‘jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today’, to quote Alice in Wonderland.

but I am seeing the light. I must urgently find my Mainspring i.e. ‘Life Purpose’ (I pretty well have, luckily!) and then DO that, make that number one and keep it number one, in the real Red Zone of follow-through, until some pay-days start coming.

Or not. If not, I will have given it a go, and will have valuable experience and insights about what doesn’t work.

What is the Wizard of Eutopia’s mainspring? I think it is:

To articulate and help actualise Eutopia –

To articulate the dream of the possible Human and the possible Civilisation through my writing and arts;

– To perfect the Lifetree tools so others can use them to defragment their own mind, find the mainspring of their own life and act on it, and thus help create Eutopias and reverse the decline of the True West which, however imperfect, is a manifestation of  Beauty, Truth and Freedom – and sometimes even of Love.

What is your Mainspring?


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“We’re off to be the Wizard”

I read this phrase in a wonderfully fun and inspiring book called “I Had it all the Time!” by – I’d tell you if i hadn’t lent the book to a new friend who appeared synchronously at the door of the Lifetree Lounge this week. Both the new friend and the author live in Hawaii, and the book appeared in Raewyn’s handbag the day Brent turned up.

One of the main things a wizard must do is practice creating ‘thin places’, as the Celts apparently called them, sacred spaces where there is an agreement to allow the other side, or the level of faery, or the divine, to speak to us and help us become the wizards of our own lives (see my free poster  ‘How to be a Wizard’ on this blog) and so be radiate magic in spontaneous waves around us .

Our current ‘thin place’ is the New Leaf hall, now AKA the Lifetree hall, which was the local church since WWII and then a surfboard workshop, and was  finally tendered off to eutopians peter and raewyn harris. We tried to sell it and the ark for 18 months, and finally accepted there WAS a work to be done here – the Dream was not to die a natural death due to mere lack of money. Some wonderful synchronous meetings have occurred here already, and in this space i am finishing carving the Lifetree game, the round tree-table at which the fivefold process of creation and growth is enacted by the players, using marbles, domes, cards and wands. All problems of life are ‘treetable’ here! 🙂 sorry, i’ll leaf off the puns right now.

So, what is your thin place, and what do you feel the call to create within it? Remember it begins, according to my best knowledge, with BEING. Then that leads to magically charged DOING, and that finally to HAVING the results. How often do we get that order messed up in a lifetime? – and end up needing reminder after reminder from the other side, or our higher Self, or our guardian angel, or wherever you think reminders of that sort come from?

Perhaps the reminders come most often through words spoken through other fallible humans. But they occur to us as the living word of God as it were. I’ll tell you my current reminder. Try this:

What is the one thing that, if you were shuffling off this mortal coil, you would say ‘oh no, i didn’t ever do it!’ Go now, and begin it!

For me it was to teach what i have been learning. To teach the philosophy i have come to know can defragment the divided mind and make it whole and balanced, creative and powerful, as befits those creatures who walk upright between heaven and earth and can join the two, we who can guess at and solve the riddles of ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything‘, and rejoice in the wonder of it all.

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The Lifetree Lounge

The Tree of Life game is developing again – on a bigger table – and i plan to host philosophy/game workshops in the hall, or ‘lounge’ as i am calling it now – more homely…

I am looking for the best names. The hall is now the Lifetree Lounge. at present iv’e got a sign stencilled:


but nothing’s written in stone!

i want to teach creative thinking, what Whitehead called ‘Adventures of ideas’,  interactively using the Game,  so people – friends, couples, enterprises, groups – experience ‘being’ Love, Beauty, Truth and Freedom by playing the game together. The aim is not to teach metaphysical doctrines, but a graphic model and tool for understanding any process, including  one’s own mind… (this understanding is never complete – Godel proved it’s impossible for any system to know itself completely – but it’s so worth going on the journey of self-awareness).
Lifetree is a method for ‘defragmenting’ the mind and uncovering its rules and presuppositions so as to be able to move forward/grow with new clarity, and to find what we are most naturally passionate about – our life purpose.

Interested? Come along and play the game – there is a rule booklet and also i would play it with you and guide you through the Tree of Life ‘labyrinth’.

i need guineapigs, ‘early adopters’ and beta testers….

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School of Philosophy at the Ark – doors are open now

On the 2nd of January, the suppressed dream leapt out of my subconscious and blossomed into a vision which once let out into the sunlight of conscious thought has

(a) given me a migraine (helped by my foolish imbibing of a small glass of bubbly) and (b) lodged itself near the top of my pencil-scrawled  list of priorities for 2012.

Is there anything (for a eutopian philosopher) more important than helping others like himself get their own thinking, and thereby their lives, unstuck? How else can we overcome the doubter, cynic and nihilist within, and be part of the renaissance and defence of the True West?

So, defying the unworthy doubter (and craven budgeter) within my own breast, I am taking the first small steps towards such a glorious outcome. I will start a new blog i think, purely for the School. I will write a manifesto there, and forthwith open the doors of the Ark and the New Leaf hall for symposia (aka ‘classes’) – possibly Saturdays, possibly whenever folk can come. Overnight accommodation available if needed. If this excites you – as it ought to! 🙂 – do get in touch and plan to at least join the blog, and preferably come to the Ark and do some life-changing philosophy with us.

Also I am going to try making a donation button. In CASE you feel unaccountably and irrationally (or rationally) moved to donate to the cause of the school of (eutopian) philosophy based on the ‘Tree of Life’ process diagram and the enlightened tradition of the Peripatetics, i am first making a button for wizardgifts and the new (New Leaf?) School of Philosophy…

here goes:

YAY! it worked!? Test this button now by donating and make cultural history! 🙂

Although we (the philosophical ‘we’) are self-funding in principle, as we begin this there are setup and spreading-the-word costs, and I want to make it easy for you to support us in this early stage.

Also I want to test it for readers as they make their own blogs and websites to promote and/or sell their works. As a sufferer from tech-angst myself I am doing what i can to get the know-how here on this site – and link to other helpful sites. the instructions i am following are here:

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How to find Aeden – the poster 2011

Here is a little window on Faery I hope. Enjoy, open to a fantasy which may be truer than any number of  ‘facts’…

how to find Aeden poster 17 8 11 REDUCED FILE

I made it into a blank book cover too:

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Duelling doglets and a school for getting unstuck

The threshold of the year 2012… what can I say honestly? To myself i say, gird up thy loins, it may be a hard one. But we can rejoice in all that is revealing love, beauty, truth or freedom in this world. What else to do otherwise, but give in to the darkness, or the fog, and let it seep into our souls?

Let’s be (crazy if necessary) candle-lighters this year.

We are (potentially) noble beings, the successful product of 4 million years of struggle, war and famine – and love and hope and learning. Let us go forth and make that dent in the universe we are more than ever before able to make! In the Balance, of course… 🙂

Why the title? Well this was my funniest photo from our short holiday in Gisborne staying with our daughter and her doglet honey, our Poppy’s baby of last year. We noticed the One Love caption on the fridge later…

One more thing before the comic relief. Yesterday i sat down to a reflective coffee bubble with Rae in the New Leaf hall and within a minute or two a totally new thought struck me – or an old thought struck me in a new context… I should start a school of philosophy. right here, this year, now. In between book design and new leaf and writing… It happened because rae was saying how getting unstuck is the tricky thing for her. I thought there are many things you could say but is there one algorithm that is fool-proof? if there is it must be in the realm of philosophy, because that is the study of what we can know and how we can know it, and how we can escape our present unknowing and our present pesuppositions which hold us to old thoughts and block us from having new thoughts.

I suddenly saw that my Tree of Life aspect theory of process has the key to this ‘problem of the Beginning’. i can get ANYONE unstuck using it. or their money back…:) And how can we defend the True West if we don’t know how to get our thoughts clear and get unstuck and act with wisdom and clarity and creativity?

Watch this space.

oh yes, the duelling doglets:

Duelling doglets under the One Love sticker

Happy New Year. And tell me what you think about the school of philosophy. Will anyone come? Should that stop me? at least i can write the getting your thoughts unstuck handbook and put it up here…


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