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“I AM, I cried” – now to be found actively at wizard of eutopia

Tennessee Moon

Thanks, Neil Diamond… Remember that strange passionate song in the ?60’s? …’and no one heard at all, not even the chair’… sounds like much of my blogging in the scattered outposts of my blogging empire 🙂

I tried to portray my own ‘chair’ at that time in a painting. It’s hard for a young human to have a clear coherent vision of themselves and the world they have found themselves in…

the chair of the artist as a young man reduced

Note the chair is a swivelchair – a sign of things to come? Indirection and vacillation? It still isn’t ‘finished’, either…

For those who wish to follow the uncertain pilgrimage, my swivelchair is now at:


I’ll probably keep this free blog up just for the history, but if you would be so kind, take a cybersecond  and click on the link above and go to wizardofeutopia where you can click follow and get the latest and greatest progress a little to one side of the 21st Century from the Great Anachronism of Kaiwaka, Peter Harris, aka the Wizard of Eutopia. Much of it will now be news of his latest foray, back to his future of 1970, when he went to art school – for six weeks. There will be sculpture, at least – oh yes, there will be sculpture… I just hope I will have the Time to create a magnum opus here at Cafe Eutopia…

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something that makes concrete the yearning for Avalon and real magic in life and a new Camelot, a new Eden, and a Brave New World (in a good way – not another Dystopia, please! They’re so easy to do, and such a dead end, and have been done to death! – pardon the pun) summed up in an image of the Possible Human, Sheman, or Overman. What will that look like? I’m not sure. But the David of Michaelangelo inspires me that it is possible to make manifest a particular conception of human qualities. Also, in a less sublime form but heroic in scale, the statue of Liberty.

Intrigued? I hope so! It is the Age of surfeit, yet there is a terrible poverty of spirit as we consume ever more low-sustenance web gruel on Facebook and Twitter. It seems everyone is saying ‘I am’ online, but then the vast majority go on to tell us – what they had for breakfast! When we could be talking about the possible human, and the possible society which this new world makes reachable, if we could only believe it together and so talk and work towards it. To quote Nietzsche, ‘Astronomers of the Ideal, where are you?’

The link again:



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Happiness – it’s Now or Never. The ebook I wrote at the airport. Hope it takes off!

I am now pretty happy…. Just before leaving for far-away (well 8 hours by car) Gisborne to join Raewyn at our daughter Anna’s place and await her first baby and our first grandchild, I was stressed and not sure I could cope.  But I saw a book lying round and dipped into it. The next morning I read a bit more of it, and had an epiphany.

The book is ‘Happy for No Reason‘ by Marci Shimoff. The epiphany – well read this free ebook I wrote about it while waiting overnight on standby at Auckland International airport. I had three coffees and didn’t sleep a wink, but I wrote a book! That felt good. See it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/309807

Last night, safely arrived in Gisborne, I did the cover and uploaded the ebook to Smashwords.

Cover for 'Happiness - it's Now or Never'Tell me if it’s rubbish, but I at least have vowed to follow this one until I am able to practice the ‘happiness is here and now’ wisdom at all times. The irony is I’ve been holding up the ideal of Eutopia all these years but not practicing the first principle of Eutopia, which is that HERE is a ‘Eutopia’ or Good Place, and we only find happiness Now, and again Now… Then, happy, we can also work to improve the place yet more. But if in our minds it’s always  ‘jam tomorrow, jam yesterday but  never jam today’, we will NEVER have or dwell in Eutopia.  

But do download and read the tract – it’s short and hopefully clear. If you like it, put a star rating on it and propel it to wider readership. That would make me very happy! 🙂


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Liberated the Game bird into blue ebook heaven

It feels good! The all-new intro and rule book for the ‘Glass Bead’ Wheel of Wisdom creativity game is live as an ebook – free on smashwords:


cover 820pm 12 0213 copy




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The sign – putting it out there before I go mad

Well, it can get crazy when you overthink… What’s the worse that can happen if I put whatever I like out there, for fun, or for love?

So, the simplest one made me smile the most, and it wins, I think (I will sleep on it before printing out poster style in four A3 sheets which together will make a good sized sandwich board). So here it is:

The lightning says more than the words from a distance. This is OK I think… Will put this up at Cafe Eutopia too, of course. And there will be a list of my multifarious services as well.

What do you think and feel upon seeing this? Does it, hopefully, make you smile? Unlimited possibility is indeed all around us and within…. But we need more muses and wizards to draw it out. That’s my story anyway. If you don’t need our services, go be the wizard of your own life in your own way, and godspeed!

Oh, now I need to get that wizardofeutopia blogsite up to scratch, fast! That’s my landing page! 🙂




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Re-enchanting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

There is no reason why a movement like the New Leaf Network should not spread.   is viable financially, rewarding emotionally and at all levels, and if practiced can help ‘re-enchant’ (see the lovely book ‘The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life’ by Thomas Moore) our material as well as our social and intellectual culture, just as the Arts and Crafts movement did to some extent in the early 20th century. At the very least least that movement relieved the terrible materialism, modernism and mass-production tendencies of the time.


A picture of the process of Renaissance

This diagram shows my theory of values-based ‘product positioning’ in the
interaction of the wider culture and a ‘renaissance’ culture such as the New Leaf culture. The higher perspective of everything made mindfully with attention to all the values of life, means that a simple function like book-making recovers the sense of magic and meaning that has been lost in the wider culture due to mass production combined with cynicism about the higher values – Love, Beauty,
Truth and Freedom, and all these entail.

Such a book will be seen as symbolic of the highest levels, and therefore worth paying extra for (not to be compared with mass-produced books made in China for example). With the New Leaf Network, and all the things we each do with its help, we can help to re-enchant our culture – and make good (as opposed to ‘bad’ ie low values-content) money doing it.

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Who am i? Why am I here? How can i make Here better?

Dear Thou,

I am the self-styled Wizard of Eutopia. (Initials could be ‘W.O.E.’ but for obvious reasons i prefer W.E., as in ‘I-thou-WE’, being a good (white but non-Greek) wizard who wishes to bring YOU gifts:) such as actually free ebooks and maps and charts such as How to be a Wizard,  A Passport to Eutopia, A Passport to Creativity and much more… As well as to seduce you into a new fantasy world (created with my brother John Harris, the Blue Knight) in the pentalogy The Apples of Aeden.

This is my first ever entry into the teeming ocean of possibility that is the blogosphere. I love it already! Though here no doubt be Sharks and many Strange Fishes, there must be also many future Friends, Idea Planters, Creators and Harvesters of whatever i may be able to create and offer here. Wow! 🙂

And yes i am someone who (apart from neglecting capitalisation, quoting Nietzsche and starting sentences with the wonderful word And) uses emoticons. i think they are a real advance on mere exclamation marks. but i would, being a cancerian (yes i use astrology, not because i believe that stars physically affect our lives but because i believe beliefs cause ‘synchronicities’, patterns beyond mere chance (whatever that is – try defining it!). So as a cancerian i naturally like – love – anything that makes emotions transparent and easy to express in typing.

I believe any answer to Why we are here is unprovable, but that matters little if we can know (in general) What to Do Here. After 50-odd years living, 5 years studying philosophy at Auckland University, and perhaps 2 hours watching the film Moulin Rouge, i came to believe the most general answer is that the thing to do here is live by LOVE, BEAUTY, TRUTH, and FREEDOM – in that order.  The process philosophy i have been working on is an evolutionary picture in which the ‘Tree of Life’ (any life) evolves in these four stages or modes, layer by layer, iteration by iteration. ‘Love’ is openness to Input, to the Other; Beauty is the insight, the novelty which follows that opening; Truth is the logical outworking of that novelty; and Freedom is the expression or Outputting of the result in the World at large – which leads to more input if we remain in Love, and so on, growing like a tree. (The philosopher CS Peirce, the writer Robert Pirsig, and my friend the recluse and thinker Murray Munro were the main inputs for this theory.)

This makes me an evolutionary process believer, a platonist, and an Optimist or at least an ‘Ameliorist’, or as i call it a ‘Eutopian’ – a (relatively) good place (Greek EU=good, topos=place) is always possible to create or reasonable to attempt; a ‘perfect’ place (a Utopia) is not – and dangerous to try, at least in one fell swoop, in one lifetime, with one perfect manifesto. like science and nature, culture must evolve by ‘conjectures and refutations’, by experiments and feedback.

ps i am married with four grownup children, anna xanthe daniel and robert who synchronistically fit into the archetypes of love beauty truth and freedom respectively, being a doctor, a dress designer, a programmer and a musician (all but the doctor being in the striking-out-on-own mode. it is very insecure, but they are all ‘following their bliss’ which is all a wizard of love beauty truth and freedom can ask!)

pps my wife raewyn is also striking out on own after helping crazy idealist wizard for far too long. Now doing a postgrad ABA course – applied behavioural analysis. i hope one day she will be able to apply it to my case…:)

in love beauty truth and freedom,

peter harris, W.E.

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