Fascinating list of my other blogs – something here for everyone?

This is the current sum of my blogging. (Updated Tuesday 18th June 2013.) The various blogs are an attempt to ‘divide and conquer’ my diverse self, so people aren’t subjected to the whole lot mixed up!



ebook conversion servicewww.ebookuploader.com

my limited editions, embossed blank books and ‘burnt edge’ books: www.carvedbooks.com/

Eutopian School of Wisdom and Wizardry www.schoolofwisdomandwizardry.com
Blog of the forthcoming book: www.howtobeawizard.wordpress.com
Qor (formerly Wheel of Wisdom) creativity gamewww.qor.co.nz
Cafe Eutopia and Dreamspacewww.eutopia.co.nz
Fantasy Epic Apples of Aedenwww.applesofaeden.com and now applesofaeden.wordpress.com
New Leaf Network – self-publishing together www.newleafnetwork.org
Memos From God – ‘messages in a bottle’ washed up on the human shore – www.memosfromgod.org
Ferrocement news blog: www.fantasticferrocement.com
Crowd-sourced ‘investing in the Flow’: www.qorflow.com
Flow Rainbow, the rainbow on a desktop, for strategic overview of your workflow, projects, and life : www.flowrainbow.com
A new mind-body-spirit series of mini-books being launched with multiple contributors: www.rainbowinabottle.com
Magic Mind Lounge: a place of discussion, music, and one-armed teddybears… www.magicmindlounge.com
wisdom site (collaborative) for wisdom gatherings: www.walkingourwisdom.wordpress.com
with my musician son Robert: www.openyadome.com a musical site for liberty and opening your mind

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