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The New Leaf logo “stable” versions

Well i am happy now! These should do. One for on-screen and one for on paper where all the black may be too much.


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“Let’s make a dent in the universe”

I was quoting this phrase of Steve Jobs only days ago – and now he is gone.

Let’s all take on a bit – or why not a lot – of his spirit of creativity to make a dent in our own (man-made cultural) universes, which have so much that could be improved, eliminated or panel-beaten.

Another wonderful man, Seth Godin, posted in his blog:

hmm there must be a neater way to add link to his blog entry!

so anyway Seth said a billion or so people have the most powerful tool ever in ordinary hands – the personal compuer – because of Jobs. And asked what are we going to use it for. (not to mention the iphones!)

so, what will WE create TODAY? Me, i hasten to unfold the New Leaf project which has the potential to put a dent in the publishing universe. in a good way of course!

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a Passport to Eutopia also free pdf

All about the philosophy of Eutopia and Dreamspace, the ‘Cathedral to Love Beauty Truth and Freedom’.

This is on as well but here it is also:

A Passport to Eutopia ebook lower res 05 10 09

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FREE ebook by me – a How-to book on Creativity


A Free Passport to Dreaming & CREATIVITY


This has been a while in the gestation – well, 14 years at least, since i started working on process theory at Auckland University during my philosophy MA.  Dreaming & Creativity is the first of my free ebooks in a series i am called the IdeaTree Seed Series. These books are about the four stages of ANY process –






This first is the one on the DREAMING stage, the ‘green zone’ in the idea tree wherenew ideas are born. Enjoy!

A Free Passport to Dreaming & CREATIVITY

P.S.: There will be further editions i hope as i evolve the graphics etc. The theory however is (I believe) beautifully clear, powerful and universal in its applications… Click the green link to read the PDF and if you love it you can save to file and print it out, and of course share freely!

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website of New Leaf Network now live is all go now, so much of the stuff i talk about here will go to that site. the best New Leaf logo for on the web seems to be the one with the black background… So, moving on to next things, like how do you write a constitution that brings out all the best in people and diverts the rest?

while all this unfolds i am living in the Ark in ‘town’ – main road, kaiwaka that is… I felt uncentred or unaligned, until i moved the bed around to face along the ark instead of across. still working through the increased ‘exposure’ here and resisting urges to withdraw. ‘real life’, as martin buber said, ‘is meeting’ and i think he meant people, not just ideas… I think though it’s important to ‘meet’ your place, feel what it is and what it can be. The Ark can be more harmonious to live in with some changes… Also it needs its charter. is it to be the Ark of Books?

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and the black background one…

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New Leaf unfolding

Well this is the best so far, minor tweaks done.

The vision unfolds likewise, as more express interest – and even commitment to throw in their lot! The Ark Kaiwaka is now the focus of the first New Leaf Network group. the next meeting of the Blue Sheep writing group, Warkworth, will be held at the Ark, and focus on the bookmaking art and the New Leaf vision…

Thinking about the Ark and its vision, i wrote this at café Ginger after blue sheep writers group 1-10-11, and after getting Lavondyss at fleamarket. In that book there is a quote from walt whitman, from Darest Thou now, O soul:

Darest thou now, O soul,

Walk out with me toward the unknown region,

Where neither ground is for the feet nor any path to follow?


We grope towards the new way – a new synthesis of things.

The Ark of Books

A rainbow sign out the front,
Rooms full of books;
a talking, tea drinking room.
In the back, the New Leaf hall,
And facing west, the Fairy Garden.
Renaissance workshops down the steps at Mandy’s Place
And over the stream, Eutopia.

A new Kelmscott dawn
a rainbow of moving drops
a moving jigsaw of people
a league of extraordinary gentlepeople
a band of creators
a line of harvesters
a ring of rejoicers
an ark of seeking souls
sailing for new lands
into the long white cloud of unknowing.

We could have a deal to swap a box of unwanted books for a rebinding of the person’s favourite book.

Wwoofers cld man the ‘shop’, lend international flavour to it.

Could have one live-in caretaker

Sell new books printed in new leaf hall.

Book launch parties…

And of course bookmaking workshops.


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