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Who am i? Why am I here? How can i make Here better?

Dear Thou,

I am the self-styled Wizard of Eutopia. (Initials could be ‘W.O.E.’ but for obvious reasons i prefer W.E., as in ‘I-thou-WE’, being a good (white but non-Greek) wizard who wishes to bring YOU gifts:) such as actually free ebooks and maps and charts such as How to be a Wizard,  A Passport to Eutopia, A Passport to Creativity and much more… As well as to seduce you into a new fantasy world (created with my brother John Harris, the Blue Knight) in the pentalogy The Apples of Aeden.

This is my first ever entry into the teeming ocean of possibility that is the blogosphere. I love it already! Though here no doubt be Sharks and many Strange Fishes, there must be also many future Friends, Idea Planters, Creators and Harvesters of whatever i may be able to create and offer here. Wow! 🙂

And yes i am someone who (apart from neglecting capitalisation, quoting Nietzsche and starting sentences with the wonderful word And) uses emoticons. i think they are a real advance on mere exclamation marks. but i would, being a cancerian (yes i use astrology, not because i believe that stars physically affect our lives but because i believe beliefs cause ‘synchronicities’, patterns beyond mere chance (whatever that is – try defining it!). So as a cancerian i naturally like – love – anything that makes emotions transparent and easy to express in typing.

I believe any answer to Why we are here is unprovable, but that matters little if we can know (in general) What to Do Here. After 50-odd years living, 5 years studying philosophy at Auckland University, and perhaps 2 hours watching the film Moulin Rouge, i came to believe the most general answer is that the thing to do here is live by LOVE, BEAUTY, TRUTH, and FREEDOM – in that order.  The process philosophy i have been working on is an evolutionary picture in which the ‘Tree of Life’ (any life) evolves in these four stages or modes, layer by layer, iteration by iteration. ‘Love’ is openness to Input, to the Other; Beauty is the insight, the novelty which follows that opening; Truth is the logical outworking of that novelty; and Freedom is the expression or Outputting of the result in the World at large – which leads to more input if we remain in Love, and so on, growing like a tree. (The philosopher CS Peirce, the writer Robert Pirsig, and my friend the recluse and thinker Murray Munro were the main inputs for this theory.)

This makes me an evolutionary process believer, a platonist, and an Optimist or at least an ‘Ameliorist’, or as i call it a ‘Eutopian’ – a (relatively) good place (Greek EU=good, topos=place) is always possible to create or reasonable to attempt; a ‘perfect’ place (a Utopia) is not – and dangerous to try, at least in one fell swoop, in one lifetime, with one perfect manifesto. like science and nature, culture must evolve by ‘conjectures and refutations’, by experiments and feedback.

ps i am married with four grownup children, anna xanthe daniel and robert who synchronistically fit into the archetypes of love beauty truth and freedom respectively, being a doctor, a dress designer, a programmer and a musician (all but the doctor being in the striking-out-on-own mode. it is very insecure, but they are all ‘following their bliss’ which is all a wizard of love beauty truth and freedom can ask!)

pps my wife raewyn is also striking out on own after helping crazy idealist wizard for far too long. Now doing a postgrad ABA course – applied behavioural analysis. i hope one day she will be able to apply it to my case…:)

in love beauty truth and freedom,

peter harris, W.E.


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