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OMG I just reviewed “The Alchemist”!

With sweaty palms I reviewed this review before pressing Submit on Amazon‘s Paulo review page for his most famous, best-loved and therefore with an inevitable symmetry, probably most-hated (by a vociferous, poison-penned minority) book:  The Alchemist. (See it at

English: The Alchemist

English: The Alchemist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why did I do it? Because it is a way to offer my own homage to Paulo, after reading some of the awfully negative and spiritually benighted hate reviews there.  … AND as an experiment, because it is a little-known but Amazon-approved way to share one’s own offerings.  I added a link to The Icon of Ainenia (now with a new cover, and soon probably with a new title, The Sword of the Fifth Element). This is my review, soon to be allowed by Amazon to appear in the ‘recent reviews’ section of The Alchemist (which has of course had a huge number of reviews – over 1800):

You who wander in the Wasteland of this present time! Do your weary soul a favour and give this work a chance, by putting aside (post/)modern prejudices about what a ‘novel’ should be. This is a timeless spiritual parable, no, a nested series of parables, and as such is a fabulous gem that sparkles in a different way every time you pick it up with an open heart and mind.

I write this in homage to a great and true parable-weaver, who is subtle enough to be simple, cares enough to be direct, and knows enough to be, at many points throughout the book, simply divine, transcendent, eclipsing any deficiencies (including male chauvinism) so many of the reviewers make so much of here. They strain at cultural gnats while swallowing the camel of spiritual cynicism.

“The Alchemist” inspired me to write in the same genre a book which I venture (in fear and trembling at my own audacity) to offer to anyone who reads Paulo’s masterpiece and yearns to read other attempts at capturing some of the perennial wisdom hidden just beneath the surface, or in plain sight, within this world. Paulo, I thank you for the Alchemist! Here is my small homage to That which inspired you: [[ASIN:B007WCZBHG The Icon of Ainenia]]

You want to read my homage to Paulo? It has the advantage of being (I hope) non-chauvinist and also only 99 cents at present! Here’s the live link:

Will some of the poison-penned reviewers descend on me in wrath? Perhaps, but it’s a great feeling to offer public affirmation and homage to something and someone who has given so much to me. We could all do with giving heartfelt praise to those who really deserve it, even the famous ones who (seemingly) don’t  need it any more.



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ebooks uploading now at Ark!

Well the learning curve continues as right-brained visionary writers jump nervously through virtual hoops. I am of course assuming there are others out there like myself doing it, or trying to in between actually writing…

I’ve persevered with Smashwords and Kindle in tandem for full coverage, and now have put 4 up on Kindle and 3 of those at Smashwords. (The extra one is the Girl and the Guardian, which was put up ages ago on kindle and is awaiting one last edit before we re-upload it. You can re-upload at any time, new covers etc too.)

The Icon of Ainenia, a favourite book ‘baby’ which I birthed in a particularly rightbrained visionary mode about seven years ago, is the latest:

Before that I did the new version of my perennial ‘Fantastic Ferrocement’ complete with dozens of coloured photos and dozens of diagrams.


Both Smashwords and kindle handled it fine, and it seems like a kind of miracle that all that is (or will be soon in the case of kindle which takes a few hours to appear) out there for instant download anywhere at any time of day or night. No printing or binding worries, no financial outlay, just time and a bit of agony in the left brain department. It gets easier though, and i am now about to offer the service to other even more techno-wary brothers and sisters of the writing kin.

see and sample up to 20% for free,  and with one click buy( ! 🙂 ) – the ebooks on offer from the wizard of eutopia on these two alternative author pages, on amazon and smashwords:

Well, now, what are you going to upload? (or pay me a small fee to?) It truly is free for the taking, and for the finding through google, and even if the books don’t sell for a year or three, they are still out there until the web falls or western civilisation, or you decide to take’em down…


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