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Top-secret Labyrinth plan leaked! Manifesto herewith

It was an inside job. He’s hard to keep under control…

Just drawn up today, too!

Oh well, now the plan is ‘OUT’ , I’d better tell all: Karen is continuing to continue to lease and run cafe Eutopia ( – the organic cafe business).  After all, until such time as I or my ilk should buy it. However I still want to do an ‘experience economy makeover’ of the place, as it may be the best- certainly the most fun and meaningful – way to monetise the dream, allowing me to finish the building.

However, Karen is unlikely to relinquish control of the Tent area, where I was thinking to make the Labyrinth. So today I drew up a plan for a relatively simple structure at the back of the cafe. a second, ‘esoteric’ dining area, for the pilgrims of Love Beauty Truth and Freedom. (I KNOW they’re out there – they write something in the visitor’s book almost every day!)

labyrinth of qor concept 19 04 13 copy

What think ye? I will attempt a ‘Qorflow’ funding of this, if private investors not forthcoming (??:) The economics of it are simple: they pay $2-$5 at the door for the magical transformative experience that awaits them within. There will be coloured light, as in every self-respecting cathedral, in this case coded according to the symbolism of Blue = Love and listening, Green = Beauty, Novelty, Yellow = Truth, logic strategy; Red = Freedom (directed powerful expression of the strategy)

The main idea of the different tables is they can either move though them in turn or go to the colour/zone that attracts them most, there to mingle with others of like mind, with the instructions (in the free handbook that comes with the entry fee) to share and communicate as pilgrims ought. And to play the game of qor at the tables, which will all have the layout on them in full colour…

Or if they want to be intense alone, they sit in the smaller tables which surround the main one for each zone. Note the wrap-around seating for these ones.

I have studied humans for 13 years now at the cafe and elsewhere, and i’ve been alarmed at their opaqueness to anything perceived as ‘abstract’ – i generalise here of course! – but encouraged at the unforeseen power of a walk-through, architecturally expressed concept. the courtyard of the cafe is such an environment

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– AND the power of Story to get concepts past the anti-conceptual filters (as with apples of aeden  – see the Free ebook version of volume one here and see what i mean… there’s lots of labyrinth action in this epic, and the philosophy is interwoven with the whole world of aeden and the Order of the Makers…

So, after a few too many blank stares about the Game of Qor,

Qor  game plate  reduced 11 04 13

(see for news pictures  and theory on this game.) I came to think the only way to get through is to build it big enough for people to ‘get’ it by going THROUGH it. By acting it out, if you like. As they go from room to room they will feel the power of each of the four modes (and in the purple Centre they feel the stabilising power of the Balance, the status quo of life). They will also get the dynamic function of each mode by talking as per instructions ONLY love in the Blue zone, ONLY possibility in the Green zone, ONLY comparison and evaluation in the Yellow, and ONLY action and tactics in the Red.

Powerful? Yes, I believe it will be transformational for many people. And it is non-sectarian, no revelations need be bought into, just common sense about the way the universe seems to unfold.

The completion of the vision of 13 years ago is approaching. Want to be part of the Labyrinth of Qor? Would you pay $5 to experience it and come away with a passport to Qor as well?

Oh yes, here’s the drawing placed on the latest concept map of Eutopia and Dreamspace:

eutopia plan including proposed labyrinth of Qor CROPPED copy



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On New Things and the Balance

Well the making of the game Qor has been most-if-not-all-absorbing, and last week, still frustrated by the details of making the rules clear for ‘normal folk’ who don’t think abstract let alone process abstract, i realized something about commitment and balance: we naturally are committed to our ‘home zone’ – that part of universal process where we have the most energy and ability. For me this is Green zone – creating new ideas and possibilities and (often) prototyping them. When I have a project in that zone i forget all else, almost, sacrificing my own wellbeing and that of others of course, in the mad pursuit of the finish line which always seems so near and so often recedes maddeningly as one approaches it.

So, here is the latest version of Qor the game. I have put it to one side to catch up with many other commitments, some of which some recipients of this blog know only too well…

Qor  game plate  reduced 11 04 13more info at 


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Liberated the Game bird into blue ebook heaven

It feels good! The all-new intro and rule book for the ‘Glass Bead’ Wheel of Wisdom creativity game is live as an ebook – free on smashwords:

cover 820pm 12 0213 copy




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The FREE Wheel of Wisdom game

Now uploaded to as a Pdf:

You just save it onto memory stick or similar, take it to a print/photocopy shop and get them to print to fit SRA3 card, in colour preferably! Then cut out the shapes – that took me about 4 minutes to do.


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The Long-Awaited School of Wisdom and Wizardry

As promised in the last post, I will now jot down what i have glimpsed so far of the ‘once and future’ school of the perennial wisdom.

I was walking in Albert park by the university while raewyn did her psychology seminar. It is a mythic place, with great trees and a fountain in the middle. And lots of potential wizards walking and talking in it and sitting on the grass. Poppy the doglet loves it too. (Note to self: make sure it isn’t highly ‘illegal’ to walk doglet in said park.) I was intending to read ebook on ebook publishing, on my phone (how cool is that? Smartphones are like libraries too). But the trees seemed to trigger the inner conversation about the school. That and the flashcards Rae was talking about for concept learning in autistic children. We are all autistic, sleepwalking through life, part or nearly all of the time. To awaken, we need to see our life (and all life) as a limited whole, like a tree, with a beginning a growth flourishing and fruiting, and a death.  So, i got that the school can be simple. it can be like what it teaches: that life is a tree. So the school and the curriculum is a sign of itself, displayed fractally as a tree of process. But wait, said my higher self, there’s more! I saw how the tree of life Staff, the vertical axis of all humans, made in the image of the tree of life, gives us the two remaining pieces, added to the Five Aspects of all process, of a simple Diagram of  Everything:

1 THE STAFF  The vertical axis, trunk of the Tree of Life,  rests in the Earth, the Immanent actual divine unfolding. The Universe. Gaia.

2-6 THE ‘TREE OF LIFE’ ROUND TABLE  (and Game, aka the Wheel of Wisdom). The five aspects of the unfolding entity (ourselves, societies, all life) grow from and within it, and are of course part of it. the roots go into the Earth (Love and receptivity), the branches form the beautiful framework (Beauty, novelty), the leaves diversify and articulate the potential of the tree (truth, logic and planning), the fruit (Freedom, action, output, fulfillment) is the output of the tree and its reproduction and defense against extinction; and finally the Fifth Element is the sum of all these four dynamic phases – the status quo, growing and thriving in balance.

7 The staff, at its ‘crown’, links the tree with the Sky, the infinite Continuum of Possibility, possibility space. And that itself is contained within the Absolute Infinite (Cantor’s phrase) of the Neccessary Reality, which is logical and ethical truth. (As Wittgenstein says in the Tractatus, ‘Logic is transcendental… Ethics is transcendental.)

The curriculum simply traces these seven aspects of Reality, and can be drawn as a simple diagram of a staff and a table of five sectors. Then each sector and level can be explored in depth, as suits the individual. The Red individual will focus on the Red phase, the Green on the Green, and so on. Thus there will be five main Houses in the school.

LOVE: Blue House.

BEAUTY: Green House.

TRUTH: Yellow House.

FREEDOM: Red House

THE BALANCE: Purple House.

The other two, EARTH and SKY, I see as serving a minority:

Earth for the true empaths/poets/intuitives of the immanent divine, Gaia, the Goddess.

Sky for the natural mystics, the visionaries and prophets.

But all these must know and experiance that we are ALL needed, the Tree of Life needs all seven. That is why the school is a Wisdom school – it is about the Balance, all present and in right order, so that it actually works as life is meant to work, unfolding powerfully and creatively, not at war with itself, but synergising at all times in a constant flow of creation, love and beauty.

If such a Tree is to be demonstrated at this time of threatening chaos and the downfall of the West, it will surely be a School. A tree that the birds of the air and can shelter in and build their nests and weather the storm. And carry the seeds to the four corners of the Earth. Perhaps then there will be a new vision of civilisation, and the True West may return – or emerge from the ashes of the false. We have never yet really seen a true Renaissance. As C.S.Lewis says in That Hideous Strength (Christian but respectful of much pagan wisdom too i feel, and well worth reading), all lands are ‘haunted’ by their true potential natures. In the case of Britain, he calls that haunting ‘Logres‘. It almost broke through at the time of Arthur and Camelot (in his story), and when it does break through in any land, then Spring will have come at last…

If you are moved by this vision of the school, contact me! or comment here. Or come to the Story Ark and see me. Also, see my epic which has a lot of the vision in it, including (as I see clearly now!) the model of the school. In the Apples of Aeden it is called the hidden faery refuge and school of Urak Tara. The ebook of Volume one, the Girl and the Guardian, is now only 99 cents at the Kindle store:

As to the How of it, at the WOW  gathering I had a great lesson from young Adam, who expounded the Why What Who When Where and How sequence. (and challenged me to state my Why and What there and then. It was Be a real wizard, know the wonders of it all and my own place in it,  and Teach others to be the wizards of their own lives…)

Note that the How comes last, and is not reachable at first. We have to go through the other stages first… I have got my Why and What, I think. And the Who in a way – ME! But there have to be others, of course! And I don’t know Who you are – yet.  As I say, if you want to go to this School, or help build it, or just follow it, help name it, donate books, whatever, do get in touch! For a start, subscribe to this blog. I will start another one for the School when I know what to call it… So meanwhile, this is where to come! (Now it is the 8th of May, and happily I have a name AND a logo.  And a website: Eutopian School of Wisdom and Wizardry

here is the logo:

and my PJH ‘stamp’ for good measure

Peter Harris

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The need for personal manifestos and a collective “wisdom mindmap”

This post is based on one i put on the WOW! website just now.

An idea struck me today as I answered an email from my son who is taking a fundamentalist position about a contentious family issue over his gay cousin banned from the christian grandparent’s 90th birthday celebration. I said,

“…let’s say it’s not written in stone or a priori self-evident that one set of laws carved in stone (and there are many, as you know!) is completely reliable and true. Then we need to question, dont we? IF there was no other form of reasoning than to deductively explore consequences of premises fixed by irreversible cultural trends, then we would indeed be stuck.
But there is: charles peirce showed there are three kinds of reasoning. the other two are induction and abduction(or ‘retroduction‘, or hypothesis-formation). It seems clear to me the only way to reliably approach truth in our beliefs is to form hypotheses and test them, including by deductive logic, to explore their consequences and see if there’s an absurdity, an abhorrence  or a conflict with observation of any kind.
…what is hard about fundamentalism is it does protect certain combinations of morality and ethics, so to let it go or challenge it does invite a fear reaction. But there is a sane, wise and godly alternative to fundamentalist acceptance of a set of laws written in stone thousands of years ago. What is it called? That’s one of the problems. All the labels are problematic. It’s not liberalism as commonly understood, or rationalism, or holism, theism deism or platonism… maybe we need a new term and a new manifesto?  And write THAT in stone? Then maybe you would see it as an alternative to this bible-based fundamentalist morality. If i wrote a draft of such a credo or manifesto, would you look at it?”
So, I really felt moved to give it a go. Not to bow down and worship the stone tablets, but to have them there as a (family?) discussion document, a working map of the territory as I currently understand it. Labels are necessary. Anything not labelled conveniently has a kind of shadowy existence in our human minds. imagine if we had to say, ‘i’, taking the thing with four wheels  and a motor on the blackish open strip to the usually four-walled structure where there are these things we like to eat usually squarish and put into transparent bags…’ etc., instead of ‘I’m taking the car to the dairy to buy some bread.’
So I suggest we all would all do well to jot down our own credo, to be as persuasive and clear as possible, to share and of course to edit, adapt or rip up as life (and other people) opens us to new understandings. Oh yes, and label it!
Let’s nail our colours to our masts!
I’d like to think that whole groups could take the manifestos of all their members and order them around the most commonly accepted propositions, and make a kind of ‘Wisdom mindmap’ of their collective understanding as it is – for discussion and clarification, and conscious, considered evolution of their beliefs. It would go with the Wheel of Wisdom game perfectly…
We need to fight back against the well-labelled holy scriptures taking the place of our hard-won freedoms and yes, ?liberal/rational/ethical wisdom. Not by attacking their scriptures, but by creating our own, but with built-in amendment clauses and procedures for amendment. That is really what constitutions are. But we need them in our personal and group lives, not just in the national constitutions. The alternative is either a dangerous vagueness or appearance of ‘wishy-washy liberalism’ – or a return to some atavistic cultural ‘static latch’  – a fundamentalism and a scripure that says ‘he who alters or questions me shall be damned’.
To defend the True West we need a manifesto – or a convergence of manifestos. A wisdom mindmap.
 There IS a Wisdom of the West, which must not be allowed to perish by default. We need to codify it, not as a new fundamentalism, but as a newly articulated state of the art reference point for our collective evolving wisdom here in the (relatively) Free West.

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Videos are now on the menu – yum!

The first is a youtube video posted on the Wheel of Wisdom blog. See it here:

Taken on my smartphone (samsung galaxy). So easy apart from little things about how to upload top my computer – easy now tho. Any little uncertainty can bring on the ‘techno-angst’ syndrome we mostly all suffer from at least a bit, due to microsfot and other nerdy techy interfaces and our failures to comprehend the rat-mazes the nerd programmers take for granted…

Anyway, let’s USE the technology so freely (apart from the techno-angst cost) available now on the web! I am excited at the potential for sharing ideas and inspiration, techniques and visual feasts…


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The Wheel of Wisdom is born

Well after another round of thinking dreaming and asking, I came up with this name, and the blog has begun:

It is  intended to revolutionise the way we think, while having fun! And help us identify our natural working/living style, find and ‘unblock’ the ‘mainspring’ of our life, and find our own balance in life. The table version will be the central ‘tool’ for the school of philosophy, should that materialise!

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The Wizdom Tree Game

This is a photo of the prototype table-sized game (working title ‘Wizdom Tree’ as wisdom tree is an investment company ) taken by smartphone by not-so-smart phone user, me, who finally got the samsung ‘kies’ program download so he could get his 150-odd photos off the dang thing. Well yay – now! The technology works – now. but it took a foray into google to find out how. why is the tech so smart but the interface so autistic?

I have almost decided that it’s best to just print out the game rather than carve and cast it with marble tracks. Partly because it’s so much brighter, partly since it allows game to be played with the smooth washable glass surface on it, and also because I know it’s mainly about  the ideas, which keep evolving. If it is a graphic I can update and tweak and print out, instead of having to re-carve and cast it, AND stain in the various colours. So, once again digital wins. Ultimate would be to have a colour touchscreen the size of a tabletop/ maybe next year!? ipads are just the beginning.

Wizdom Tree game, tabletop  printed version

Wizdom Tree game, tabletop printed version.

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