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A wizard revelation: BE one thing, then DO any thing you like

This morning was amazing. I woke up in the dark, as one does when worried. But this time it was different. I started to think, I have a ‘branding problem’ because I have too many strands (as shown by all my blogs), and not enough established ‘products to sell’. Then I thought, ‘Maybe I need to find some money and pay a branding consultant to tell me what the h@* to do with myself.’ Then I thought, ‘Maybe I know what to do with myself: be ME!?’ How would that look? Well, I would erase the complicated sign out the front of the ark which talked of secondhand books and other sidelines, (i already did erase it actually – that was the first step towards liberation. Is that a hot tip for jumpstarting your makeover? PAINT OUT YOUR SIGNS)

So, I thought, put in its place the sign


Genius for hire

– or find your own genius

Or similar. And for the blogs – keep them all but add one called wizardofeutopia.com. Which funnily enough i already have. it is unused until today. and on that blog i will list my others, and offer all these facets for hire/sale/consultation.


How’s that, intrepid followers of wizardgifts? Find your chord, be it, resonate in every fibre with it, and let events unfold as they will – at least YOU will be ALIVE!

So, I hear the skeptics among you mutter (‘one of us does not believe, does not belong…  I will weed you out!’ as Hook said to his pirates!) – you ‘re saying, ‘That airy-fairy talk is all very well in lalaland where wizards hang out, but in the Real World, where I live, it just doesnt cut it.’ Or words to that effect. Well, SYNCHRONICITY: this very morning the phone went and it was an off-the-wall, unpremeditated offer for me to make something outrageously fun, for money, just down the road in Mangawhai. (but what is it? you cry. Well, i’ll tell: giant ferrocement rocks for children to play on in the new Mangawhai museum) .

I went for a walk in the little bush reserve here in kaiwaka, and sitting there in happy dreams i noted the kauri trees, and the birds, and poppy our doglet sitting beside me on the mossy seat, and i saw that they all have soemthing in common which we humans so often completely deprive ourselves of: THEY ARE ALL JUST BEING THEMSELVES. They eren’t trying to be anything different or ‘better’ to fit with expectations of their peers. They are all doing fine, as far as I could see. So, BE one thing – creative, or dynamic, or daring, or ox-like – but just BE that happily and the DO whatever comes – flows – naturally out of THAT. Simple really… Most normal successful folk do that i know. It’s people like me that have the most trouble, partly becaues of those other people, who put the wind up us and make us believe we have to be like THEM if we want to ‘make a crust’. Yet what comes without effort comes well, and pays well, if we only do it with conviction and energy for long enough. And if we meanwhile need a crust or two, hey, there’s always busking if we are a musician, or any number of crust-earning activities to get by on WHILE WE BE OUR ONE THING. So, close the door, paint over the sign thats not doing it for you, and walk away and BE YOU.

I am.

Here endeth the wizard’s sermon on the mount of kauris. Thanks for listening!

ps: need to hire a wizard? email me: wizardofeutopia@gmail.com



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A Passport to Freedom needs to be written soon!

Just thinking, this book is next. Done Beauty/dreaming and creativity; truth and love are important but maybe freedom is the one most neglected and taken for granted now, just when it is being undermined from within and from without…

as usual, the call of the unwritten book is almost drowned out by the call of the tax return, the unpaid bill, the little jobs and worries. there’s NEVER a perfectly convenient time for writing or creating, just slightly less inconvenient times. and these get less frequent the longer we wait, it seems.

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The Defense of the True West

Today i got the email on the proposed censorship of the web, and i signed the petition http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet/?cl=1391067562&v=11160 and wrote this on my Facebook wall:

‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance’. Without freedom, all our struggles for love, beauty and truth are suppressed. And that would be far, far worse than just having to put up with all the silliness and waste our freedom has allowed to proliferate (on FB as much as anywhere!). No, ALL suppression of human freedom of thought and speech is a waste of the entire spectrum of human aspiration, the high and noble as well as the frivolous.

I hope this threat of censorship is not what it sounds like, but we can’t afford to be complacent! I believe we could have come to a point in history where, just as at the rise of Nazi Germany, we have to stand up and defend what our forefathers and mothers have fought for. I for one believe it is time for the philosophical and literal ‘Defense of the True West’. (my phrase – we DO have precious things in our culture to defend.) I don’t know how this strikes you – any comments?

i know there’s a lot of anger against the excesses of the Free West, but that must not blind us to its wonderful, noble heritage of idealism and courage. Where would we be now if churchill had not stood up and said ‘we will fight on the beaches… we will never surrender’? But the true enemy is not evil empires; at bottom it is evil thoughtforms, that deny freedom, deny the rights of individuals to seek for better things and make their own mistakes and learn and grow for themselves, see good and evil and make free and informed choices. Let us be vigilant NOW, before it’s too late!

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