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Re-enchanting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

There is no reason why a movement like the New Leaf Network should not spread.   is viable financially, rewarding emotionally and at all levels, and if practiced can help ‘re-enchant’ (see the lovely book ‘The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life’ by Thomas Moore) our material as well as our social and intellectual culture, just as the Arts and Crafts movement did to some extent in the early 20th century. At the very least least that movement relieved the terrible materialism, modernism and mass-production tendencies of the time.


A picture of the process of Renaissance

This diagram shows my theory of values-based ‘product positioning’ in the
interaction of the wider culture and a ‘renaissance’ culture such as the New Leaf culture. The higher perspective of everything made mindfully with attention to all the values of life, means that a simple function like book-making recovers the sense of magic and meaning that has been lost in the wider culture due to mass production combined with cynicism about the higher values – Love, Beauty,
Truth and Freedom, and all these entail.

Such a book will be seen as symbolic of the highest levels, and therefore worth paying extra for (not to be compared with mass-produced books made in China for example). With the New Leaf Network, and all the things we each do with its help, we can help to re-enchant our culture – and make good (as opposed to ‘bad’ ie low values-content) money doing it.


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