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A tale of Two Thresholds

(Well more of a sprawling esoteric epic)…

How nice it is to have ‘random’ friends (but there are no true accidents, only more or less obvious synchronicities) who sometimes know you better than those who are so close they only see the (often tangled and annoying) trees. Today I got a third email from an email friend I’ve never met in person, about what she calls ‘name covenants’, and about mine in particular.

I had said this about my name, Peter:

‘it is … intimately associated archetypally with the threshold and doorways. The ancient name Petros …was part of the sacred threshold of temples. AND associated with the gates of dawn, and therefore the rooster – as in the gospels too. I got that i am or can be the ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’. Very like Peter Pan too! He was a psychopomp, leading the children to Neverland. and back – reluctantly!
‘So i guess i need to take my own medicine and know how to go in and out the gates myself. ‘physician, heal thyself’.’

She had said:

With regard to ‘petering out’  – this is how we see it: there are two spirit guardians of a doorway/threshold and also several traps. (And a third beyond, but that one doesn’t concern you until you actually get beyond). They are very high in the hierarchy of things and very dangerous. They mimic the cherubim. One is a spirit of constriction and the other of wasting. The latter one  is in charge of ensuring we peter out. (More especially true of people named Peter.) You probably have fewer problems with constriction or constricting circumstances than other people. (Though maybe not – the wine on the laptop could be a constriction.)
From ancient times, the threshold was the place of sacrifice.
Therefore when it comes to spiritual thresholds – that is, passing through the door into destiny – a sacrifice is required.
Some people actually sacrifice others to achieve their destiny. (And by sacrifice, I don’t mean minor stuff like be a workaholic and ignore relationships to achieve, I mean – make the decision to destroy someone mentally, emotionally or spiritually to get the desired end.) Most people have a sense of the real nature of the sacrifice required and are unwilling to do that. So most people sacrifice themselves, at least partially. This too leads to wasting/petering out.

SCARY! and then this:

For most people in the modern world, the constriction generally seems to be financial. I’m not sure how to describe the thresholds – man-made or daemonic – I’m still struggling to understand their nature. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re independent-minded or not; the crossing of the threshold is about a willingness to make a sacrifice – to pay the price to come into your destiny.
As for what the Bible teaches about thresholds and the covenants governing them, again I’m not sure. I think the idea was so common in ancient times that it is assumed everyone could pick up the references to it. When Jesus renames Simon and calls him Cephas (Peter), I think there’s a multiple play on words – the word is not just rock, but threshold stone in a gateway or doorway …Most Christians take the simplistic view that any problematic threshold covenants were undone at the cross and that therefore no Christian these days suffers from this problem. Which, in my experience, is not the case at all. Christians don’t come into their destiny much, either. In fact, very few do. They suffer just as much from the threshold problem as other people. Mostly I think it’s ignorance that leaves them stranded. And a kind of fatalism (more of a Muslim than Christian kind) about the will of God.’

I replied,

‘It is a comfort to have someone else looking deeper, even gropingly, tentatively, when all the world seems so hasty and surface-dwelling. When there are obviously (to me) things going on beneath the obvious, things that stop us year after year. And you are right – most Christians assume they are exempt. Then they go and live aimless lives, serving Mammon, or man in the form of pastor and the church fashions, while the poor starve outside their gates.

I am for honesty, and reality. If there’s a gate to go through, i like to say so, or be told so. I have seen many people baulk at their own destiny-gates, and retreat in haste lest they go through and walk with God – and confront their demons.
i note that Cephas/Peter when the cock crew denied Christ, ie baulked at following him through the gates of self-sacrifice. Many years later he himself was led away ‘where he would rather not go’, and was crucified – but upside down. hm. hope it doesnt have to come to that!
So many synchronicities at present between these thoughts and my life:
– I am currently carving a taniwha/mosasaur pendant for my brother’s monster movie, called (working title) In Depths Below, with the tagline ‘No-one Wants to Believe’.
– I happen to be changing both thresholds of the Ark where we live and i work: the front door now has a round window in it facing east to let in the dawn light, and the back has a whole wall of window glass closing in the porch, and the double doors are now out at the end of the porch. And where the doors used to be is an interior threshold with a thick board of totara milled from a ‘sinker log’ – donated by a young man who raises these logs from the river where they have lain for 100 years since the logging days. (The finial i carved for the front of the Ark with an owl and celtic knots, is also made from that totara. When i can afford the time i plan to make a rooster weathervane to go on top of the finial…)
When i was just nailing the doors in their new position, i went out the back of the section and saw the sun was an orange ball behind the clouds, just setting behind the hills.
So, thresholds, sunrise, sunset, depths – and monsters from the deep. (Also the Taniwha of that river was said by the Maori to take the form of a log which floated (spookily) UPstream.)
Meanwhile at  cafe Eutopia I finally got round to improving a (sliding) door to the big tent, and put handles on it which it had lacked. And issues at the cafe with finishing, with the lease for the cafe business – covenants, penalties, thresholds, stuckness…
All this time I’ve been attempting to relax enough not to get the migraine which keeps threatening, long enough to get my ‘Wizard of Eutopia – for hire’ sign composed, printed and put out the front of the ark. This is all about ‘coming out’ and being a contribution (serving others as they wish to use me) rather than only ‘building‘ a contribution (in the form of (complex, hard to finish) structures and products I hope they will find inspiring). Quite a lot of inner issues here, think i am working through them. Not easy when you dont know exactly what they are.
One issue is claiming the name ‘wizard’ in the first place – evil to my christian relatives, while charming to many others, who like the fun of finding someone willing to be a stereotype, and do it with conviction. 🙂 Of course I aim to be like Gandalf or Dumbledore, not Saruman or Voldemort (of course!). Gandalf was a steward, of all that was worth saving in Middle Earth, and of the ancient kingship and its return. His life’s work was the ushering in of the new age with the return of the king. Meanwhile I as would-be Wizard of the Epic plan to make a bold foray back into Aeden, revise volume 1 one more time, and then revise vol 4, and the whole will have some completion, even if it is not yet ready to take on the world… That epic being of course the story of the end of the Fourth Age (the one Gandalf ushered in) and the dawn of the Fifth, the diamond Age.
Here endeth the Tale of Two Thresholds.

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Who am i? Why am I here? How can i make Here better?

Dear Thou,

I am the self-styled Wizard of Eutopia. (Initials could be ‘W.O.E.’ but for obvious reasons i prefer W.E., as in ‘I-thou-WE’, being a good (white but non-Greek) wizard who wishes to bring YOU gifts:) such as actually free ebooks and maps and charts such as How to be a Wizard,  A Passport to Eutopia, A Passport to Creativity and much more… As well as to seduce you into a new fantasy world (created with my brother John Harris, the Blue Knight) in the pentalogy The Apples of Aeden.

This is my first ever entry into the teeming ocean of possibility that is the blogosphere. I love it already! Though here no doubt be Sharks and many Strange Fishes, there must be also many future Friends, Idea Planters, Creators and Harvesters of whatever i may be able to create and offer here. Wow! 🙂

And yes i am someone who (apart from neglecting capitalisation, quoting Nietzsche and starting sentences with the wonderful word And) uses emoticons. i think they are a real advance on mere exclamation marks. but i would, being a cancerian (yes i use astrology, not because i believe that stars physically affect our lives but because i believe beliefs cause ‘synchronicities’, patterns beyond mere chance (whatever that is – try defining it!). So as a cancerian i naturally like – love – anything that makes emotions transparent and easy to express in typing.

I believe any answer to Why we are here is unprovable, but that matters little if we can know (in general) What to Do Here. After 50-odd years living, 5 years studying philosophy at Auckland University, and perhaps 2 hours watching the film Moulin Rouge, i came to believe the most general answer is that the thing to do here is live by LOVE, BEAUTY, TRUTH, and FREEDOM – in that order.  The process philosophy i have been working on is an evolutionary picture in which the ‘Tree of Life’ (any life) evolves in these four stages or modes, layer by layer, iteration by iteration. ‘Love’ is openness to Input, to the Other; Beauty is the insight, the novelty which follows that opening; Truth is the logical outworking of that novelty; and Freedom is the expression or Outputting of the result in the World at large – which leads to more input if we remain in Love, and so on, growing like a tree. (The philosopher CS Peirce, the writer Robert Pirsig, and my friend the recluse and thinker Murray Munro were the main inputs for this theory.)

This makes me an evolutionary process believer, a platonist, and an Optimist or at least an ‘Ameliorist’, or as i call it a ‘Eutopian’ – a (relatively) good place (Greek EU=good, topos=place) is always possible to create or reasonable to attempt; a ‘perfect’ place (a Utopia) is not – and dangerous to try, at least in one fell swoop, in one lifetime, with one perfect manifesto. like science and nature, culture must evolve by ‘conjectures and refutations’, by experiments and feedback.

ps i am married with four grownup children, anna xanthe daniel and robert who synchronistically fit into the archetypes of love beauty truth and freedom respectively, being a doctor, a dress designer, a programmer and a musician (all but the doctor being in the striking-out-on-own mode. it is very insecure, but they are all ‘following their bliss’ which is all a wizard of love beauty truth and freedom can ask!)

pps my wife raewyn is also striking out on own after helping crazy idealist wizard for far too long. Now doing a postgrad ABA course – applied behavioural analysis. i hope one day she will be able to apply it to my case…:)

in love beauty truth and freedom,

peter harris, W.E.

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