This bookmark will surely die

My latest evangelium:

Ebook Uploader This bookmark will die SIMPLER LIGHTER 16 04 13

original post at ebookuploader:

It’s a little bit exciting, thinking how many could find at least vicarious immortality through ebookisation. Spread the word, ye who know! They shall be read by those who seek them down through the centuries, read on readers yet to be invented, and right now on smartphones, ipads, ipods yea and tablets of all kinds and sizes, androids and apples and all kinds.

what a world we do live in! It’s a great life if you don’t get overwhelm. Most of us have, of course… Think how the martyred librarian of Alexandria, Hypatia who was murdered by a ravaging Christian mob, would have wept to see all the books now freely available, forever free from local bodily vulnerability!


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