“If you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?”

Happy New Year – wo it’s what year?? 2013!?
Sooo… After a particularly rocky patch and some strong reproaches from a spouse who shall remain nameless here, I’ve been thinking about my various lamentable failures to break through to ‘success’,  ie having financial abundance, without sacrificing the ‘soul’ of what i am about.
my breakthrough is this – a big realisation it is too! – Like many natural ‘intellectuals‘, I have been labouring under a fatal assumption all my life: the assumption that folk are more or less like me in how they see the world, in this one key respect: the degree to which they live in and are aware of the intellectual level. i have seen (or finally faced)  how little they actually perceive of that, and how much they see things through the social lense, which is all about celebrity, praise/blame, socially accepted norms and beliefs, patterns of fashion and tradition old and new. So, my efforts have almost always been aimed at a an (almost) non-existent group i thought was the majority of people, and any market success I had was (almost) purely accidental. like poor old charles peirce, marketing a correspondence course on practical symbolic logic for everyman.
i am now re-adjusting my approach. (Better late in life than never!)
They call me (some of them!) a ‘wizard‘. but what (myths aside) IS a wizard? A wizard (in my book),  is one who sees many things clearly, through the lense of the ‘third eye’ aka holistic intellect (not just the left-brain analysing mind), and then uses the insights thus obtained to do seeming magic within a social order (or disorder), bringing new clarity vision and success to that social order, or at least a better mousetrap or silicon chip, without necessarily ever being understood on his own accustomed level (which is definitely the intellectual/abstract/universal/mystical). It is a lonely life, being perceived, even recognised, on the social plane yet essentially unseen in the level that really matters most to him, where few walk and even fewer meet in the flesh.
So, one year older and maybe 10 years sadder, I see more clearly closer to home, how I appear to the world, and this does open up better alternatives for interacting, and therefore ‘succeeding’.
And my first little project right now is to write a simple report for an ebook, probably called
“If You’re So Smart, How Come You Ain’t Rich?”
– a money manual strictly for the Nerds
Epistle the first.
What gives me the qualifications to write such a guide? Well, I’ve been smart for 58 and a half years now, and I still ain’t rich. But I have given the grey matter a lot of thought lately, and i put two and two together, and it came out forebrain.
Terrible cerebral puns aside, I have tried a lot of things, on the concrete and the abstract levels, and so have a lot of – Data. and it HAS been coming together lately.
So, watch this space. A link will appear to a new little free ebook which could change your life if you act on it. but only if you’re a nerd, compulsive thinker, pundit, intellectual, perennial student, scholar or suchlike.
If you’re too smart for your own good, i think I can help you.
(And me too, even, especially if i charge for further installments…)
[newsflash next morning: fellow-nerds: it’s here already! Very short, very punchy, very free: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/270995
In other news: i really AM editing volume IV of the epic (Blue Knight, thank you!), but this little message is burning in me and i am going to practice the ‘One Sitting, One Problem, One Solution’ info product formula i read at product creation secrets by jason fladlien, former rapper, hare krishna monk, etc, turned internet marketer. So it won’t take long, brother Knight, and the Pillars of Aeden shall be edited. Then if my friend Ian’s advice is good, it’s time for the wizard to go to LA and hawk the epic and the Defence of the True West  to hollywood for the film rights. And film the hawking adventure anyway. Crazy idea but why not.  Applying my revelation: think intellectual (write a eutopian epic, for example) but act social (wear a pointy hat, make a spectacle, entertain people even, for example, by pretending to be what you are…
and hey, what a liberating thought that is – to give myself permission to pretend to be what I am! It kind of short-circuits the self-censoring parts of the brain…
My brothers, this new lawtable i set over you: pretend to be what ye truly are! (apologies to Nietzsche)


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3 responses to ““If you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?”

  1. Well, well dear Wizard . . . this I understand. I too have taken a long time to realise that not only us nerdy ‘intellectuals’ but us ‘faerie folk’ types are not the majority.
    However, there are a LOT of us so we have two choices as I see it, we can talk to each other or, as you have decided, talk to the rest. On the first option I suspect that a difficulty is that nerdish people tend to specialise so unless we speak to their specialty they won’t hear us either. The challenge perhaps is to find people who (a) Can help us modify our message without dumbing it down and people who are (b) Savvy at getting such messages out there. Without such assistance we end up, as I have, abandoning our original inspiration and passions in exchange for endless effort in trying to do stuff we aren’t naturally good at.
    As for Hollywood . . . you really want to enter those Shark Infested Waters? I have been told again and again that ‘Hollywood’ doesn’t do films of books unless the books have been successful. And you’d need a great lawyer! Your books are wonderful – they just need the right kind of promotion. Christopher Paolinni (Eragon series) made it big but he had his whole family (Mum and Dad etc.) working on helping him to get noticed. I enjoy his books but in the end they don’t have the deeply thought out world view/philosophy of yours (except in so far as he talks about nature) and there is much in his story telling that borrows from Tolkein as so many do.
    Yes, the mass of people don’t always get us intellectuals but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of understanding what we are trying to tell them, or at least get a feel for what we have to offer. So if there are people out there who can show us how to rephrase our stuff for general consumption they could make a lot of money by helping us learn how . . .
    Meantime, think on this gentle Wizard – It took Tolkein’s great works a long time to get noticed and make it big. It didn’t happen until the University students found it. Perhaps you also, need to get to them. They ‘get’ subtlety, philosophy, allegory. They are also at an stage and age where they love the originality of what’s different. They will also respect that you are one of them, given your academic background. Find out how to talk to them, i.e. where they go for their information about what is a great read? Do a Wizard tour of the campuses in 2013!

    • Peter Harris

      Thanks, J, a wonderful comment. You have been on the rack too! I do agree we can reach out to the non-nerdy, but my revelation is just how much translating we need to do (into the social dialects), or our message – and our bank balance – is doomed from the start.. I DID get the inspiration one day to go to the ‘nerds’ at unis with my eutopian ideas and the flow rainbow process, but then I got perhaps sidetracked by a chance meeting with a really non-intellectual but spiritual person and I felt a kinship on THAT level I didn’t want to abandon. But alas, kinship is not communication, and we must communicate to those who have ears for our own message. Also I get that nerds themselves are divided. The intelligent find multiple ways to scatter to the four winds and live in remote and warring outposts of thought and belief. Sigh… I do believe that love and clear thinking can bring us ‘nerds’ together, but it is a challenge, for sure. And there are a lot of wounded beasts out there, idealists turned cynics who will attack with all the force of their frustrated intellect. But I don’t fear them really. I have gone too long without approval to mind. I just speak my truth. That’s what I’d be doing in Hollywood. But yes, maybe it would be like jumping into a shark pool, even if the sharks ignored me. Thanks for your nice comments about my epic. Yes, a slow rise perhaps, to some level or other, and maybe first with the uni students, even… a campus tour – gulp!

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Peter
    In this town of 40000 where I am in Ethiopia, I think everyone probably dreams of one day being rich. And what they dream about I am sure, is being able to live in a town llike the one you live in with clean paved streets, a supermarket full of food, a butcher and a Pizza shop, and being able to live in a house lke yours with floors, glass in the windows, more than one electric light,hot and cold running water, a bath and a shower, a kitchen sink, a microwave, an electric stove, a fridge and freezer, washing machine, a wardrobe full of clothes like yours – yes even yours! – a TV, a computer, a car like yours, access to free and excellent health care, dental care, glasses, unemployment and pension benefits, a library…

    I thought you and I worked this out in the 70’s – being rich isnt what we really want – what we want is to be accepted for who we are, to be loved unconditionally, to be supported, to be valued…then we might be happy – or a better word, content.

    I am going to rephrase your question “If youre so clever how come you want to be more rich?”

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