Mad Hatters Tea Party has begun

Well life has a way of happening while I’m making other plans. Yesterday the dismay at our MAD council’s 56% rates rise for cafe eutopia and the ark here (and lots of other homes and businesses in the kaipara) came to a head. When desperate, we sometimes come to the point where we just say NO! and then we try and work out how to do NO. or just begin it.

After four years of the ‘forever recession’, this was a bridge too far. I’ve gone ‘MAD’. I am starting the Mad Hatters Tea party in kaiwaka to protest the mad bureaucrats and their illegal and immoral shenanigans and passing on the fallout to us, the poorest (? i’m told) district in New Zealand, the bill in the biggest rates rise I’ve ever been subjected to in my long history of fiscal struggles.

So, in the name of TRUTH and FREEDOM, we are witholding rates until the 13 demands of the first ones to strike (in Mangawhai, a richer enclave of our district)  are met. The TRUTH must be found and told, and lies exposed. The FREEDOM to say no to corrupt and unjust representatives. This is one small part of the defense of the true west: to say no to corruption in our democracies.

And we are going to have some fun doing it!

I plan with friend Ian’s help to set up our 7 metre tent in front of the Ark, and paint on it


Saying no to mad rates

[now done – 8:07 pm]

and folk can drop in for tea, and we will sell or give out top hats and read Hafiz and some other mad divine poets, and rejoice in life and the sanity of sunshine and rain and gardens and friendship, and mock at the grownup madness of the local tinpot bureaucrats who schemed and raked off and lied and… you know, the usual.

The price of Liberty and sanity is eternal vigilance.

There will be dancing in the streets of Kaiwaka before this is over.

[now added: the blog of the mad hatters tea party is now up: ]

Oh, and meanwhile, thanks to all you who have been to the smashwords site and downloaded my FREE ebook of volume one of my eutopian epic apples of aeden. pass the word on! It too is part of the return to sanity and the Balance.


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