A New (Musical) Website on FREEDOM – Open Ya Dome

After my post on the perils of being multifarious, how can I announce yet another website from moi? Well, this one’s a collaboration with my son the musician the Robba www.therobba.com, aka robert Harris (who is, in our family, the one who stands for the value (and perils) of FREEDOM. He is now resident in the foyer of the Magic mind Lounge, and from there he can make videos, and music, and we can do things like this. We will get Open ya Dome Tshirts done by his artist/seamstress sister Xanthe (BEAUTY!).  And I will do a piece on FREEDOM for a passport to Liberty, to sell from there.

See our lovely new website here: www.openyadome.com and watch the video that started it all: Open Ya dome.

I also embedded a track from the Voyage of the Corvus Corrone, about Liberty, another great kiwi production in praise of freedom!




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