Unabashed ENTHUSIASM! for Brendon Burchard and The Charge

I’ve been undercover for a while now, uploading people’s ebooks, printing a few books – and absorbing the ten ‘charges’ in this book from someone I consider a kind of modern-day ‘wizard’.

Why did I go with Brendon’s work rather than any of the other 100’s of self-help and human potential programmes? Mainly – almost entirely – because I SAW the man on several of his free videos, and he is so ‘charged’ himself, so caring and ‘present’ as he urges us all to be, that I was inspired – that, and the content made sense. But really it’s mainly about ‘the vibe of the thing’ – and do we not need the vibe and the charge in our whole being as much as the right ideas in our minds? I say this as one who believes in the power of ideas to change everything… I know that without the ‘fire in the belly’ the fire in the head will die down and leave the ashes of cynicism.

so, i got the free hardback he was offering and that helped too. the physical presence of a book. Anyway, this is his picture-promo he asked his subscribers to post wherever they like. Whoever gets 50 likes for it gets to go to a free live seminar, so…:)

Allow Images to See My image

From The Charge by Brendon Burchard http://www.TheChargeBook.com

So, go there, see if the unabashed enthusiasm of young Brendon doesnt do something for/to you. If not, find someone who is on your planet, as it were, and let THEM inspire you. I feel the biggest challenge we face almost, is the overwhelm and the ‘seen-it-all’ attitude which leads to resignation and passivity while all around us the world goes slowly downhill. We need to shake off the slumber and wake up, and be whatever kind of charged human we can naturally be, and help turn around the slow decline of the West. At the very least, to create our own little ‘bubble’ of energised positive creative living, for us and our families and friends.

And when we’ve begun that and got enthused at the results, maybe we will also feel the urge to go out and make a dent in the greater world somehow. For me, the latest manifestation of that urge is my vision of FLOWFUNDER – investing in the Flow. If you don’t like Brendon, for whatever reason, try Flowfunder – here’s an idea that could change the way the world invests and creates. www.flowfunder.com I don’t know the next steps from here, but with enthusiasm I know they will appear. Any comments welcome.


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