In it for the long haul. Like Noah.

Well, I have been off the School (of Wisdom and Wizardry) nest, it seems. But what I have been doing is related (isn’t it always!). is going ahead fast, as I learn how to upload people’s books, and earn a crust and maybe a bit more to put into the School. The foundations, like roots, are deep and won’t shift, though.

And the more I learn of the virtual world the more I can start building the virtual community here. We must love the Earth and embodied life, but the web is like a brain we are all part of. The Mind, however, is a more subtle thing, and transcends the web as it transcends the brain.

I just watched Avatar. Their saying, ‘I See you’…. wonderful, when she sees Jake the human and says that, before he is ‘uploaded’ into his ‘alien’ body for good. So our minds, creative and full of wonder, see the World and other minds in it, and that is the best thing.

Do you see me? If so, leave a message, and follow this pilgrimage. It may be slow at present, but it is bound for – Camelot, Avalon, Aeden… Eutopia.


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