The Platonistic but not necessarily Theistic Presuppositions in the question “Why am I here?”

Every question contains presuppositions.  ‘Will you close the door’ presupposes a ‘you’ and a door, and that the person can hear, speaks English, etc.

What are the presuppositions of the question, ‘Why am I here?’ ? That there IS a reason outside of myself, since I presumably did not bring myself into this world. Of course in this context I am not asking why my parents, or the State etc, happened to produce me.

I am therefore presupposing some intentionality or purposefulness in, or acting on, the Cosmos in which i was born.

So the complete atheist cannot ask this bigger question meaningfully. A Deist or Platonist could still ask it, i think, even if they didn’t believe in a ‘personal’ God.

The supposition I personally make when I ask ‘Why am I here?’ is that it is reasonable to believe that there will be some meaningful pattern and function to my existence in the broader scheme of things.

Why do i suppose this? Because i have become convinced of  what is usually called Platonism. This amounts to a belief that this contingent Universe (and it IS contingent if Platonism is true) is ‘inside’ the ‘Universe of Necessary realities’ – what charles Peirce called the Necessiverse –  and therefore partakes of – conforms of logical necessity to – whatever platonic ‘forms’ or truths govern its unfolding in space and time.

So, if there is no particle or point in spacetime, in any possible universe, where all the laws of mathematics and logic and ethics do not hold true (assuming they hold true anywhere, and last time i checked they do – to suppose that they might not has no logical motivation), isn’t it right and reasonable to assume that our little lives are bound up with that immensely meaningful absolutely infinite greater, timeless but far from meaningless, Whole?

Do I hear the angelic choir? Or at least the Music of the Spheres? Yes! And I have toothache. What it is to be human, suspended between the mud and the metaphysical! I tell a lie – my  remaining teeth are all painfree.  🙂


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Filed under philosophical reasonings, the existence of God or at least a Transcendental Order

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