Naming the Rose, manning the walls

I just spent an hour watching a talk by Greg Habstritt, from his website. In gratitude I wrote this comment there:

Greg, great! I am about to start something new, a school of wisdom and creative wizardry. Thinking of names, had been focussing on the what and how, suddenly now you fill me with a new emotion, yet of course familiar in other contexts – the emotion of my WHY. I am now yearning to communicate my WHY in the very foundational stuff – if possible, in the name itself. And like you, to attract people who give a damn, kindred spirits. Thank you – from my heart! – and i rarely say that 🙂

here it is:

Long, and yes it does have a business focus, but it applies to any cause or enterprise, and WILL warm your heart in the deepest WHY level..

So now I want to go away and go deep into the Why cave of my heart and bring out, if not THE name for the School, at least a list of the things that I yearn for it to be and do in the world.

What could we not make this world if we all knew our true mainspring and deepest passion, owned it fearlessly, felt it and  – communicated it? We would at least ourselves be truly alive, truly connected with people who – give a damn. Wow! Now that’s a novel thought!

What for a start, before going into the cave, can I say I care about most in this School idea?

– I care about the highest human potential and the ‘Possible Human’.  ‘O brave new world, that has such people in it!’ creating and loving and overcoming…

– I care about the unfolding and actualising of the possible humans.

– I care about the renaissance this would bring about.

– I care about the best in our culture – the ‘True West’ – and restoring the vision of what it is, and the potential contained in it never yet truly realised except in brief glimmerings.

– I care about its defense against the ideas, addictions, follies and forces that are undermining it as we speak.

– I care about the terrible, terrible waste that ignorance of our magical human potential is causing – the suicides of our young men who have their lives ahead of them and yet see nothing to live for, no hope or meaning. Gallipoli was nothing to this. They are not being killed by bullets or shells or poison gas, but by the poison of the decadent worldview of the present West, the relativism, ‘postmodernism’, consumerism and materialism. As the leader of  the atom bomb project said after the first blast, ‘The physicists have known sin’.  But way before that, the philosophers had known sin. And now the people, having absorbed their ideas by osmosis, are perishing in the Wasteland. (Now it is time to do penance, to start rebuilding the foundations, repairing the walls, and calling for people to man them. The West may be falling. Long live the True West!)

– I want to take some of those young men (and women!) who were falling – or jumping – off the edge of our world, and turn them into ‘wizards’ – those who know their true creative powers and have a vision of the meaning of the earth.

Do you get stirred by any of this? make contact! Let’s start this school, this movement! Or, if you just want what I am speaking of, come and be a student! Email me, comment here, let me know you exist! Oh, and if you’d like some fiction to inspires with this vision, and at all like my style or ideas, do get my Apples of Aeden volume one for only 99 cents on kindle:

and if you like it, write a review/comment on amazon, and rate it with some stars. At the moment it is one of the best-kept secrets in the entire kindle cosmos.

If you didn’t get stirred by MY vision, what is it that does have that power to move you? Go, do that.






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