ebooks uploading now at Ark!

Well the learning curve continues as right-brained visionary writers jump nervously through virtual hoops. I am of course assuming there are others out there like myself doing it, or trying to in between actually writing…

I’ve persevered with Smashwords and Kindle in tandem for full coverage, and now have put 4 up on Kindle and 3 of those at Smashwords. (The extra one is the Girl and the Guardian, which was put up ages ago on kindle and is awaiting one last edit before we re-upload it. You can re-upload at any time, new covers etc too.)

The Icon of Ainenia, a favourite book ‘baby’ which I birthed in a particularly rightbrained visionary mode about seven years ago, is the latest:

Before that I did the new version of my perennial ‘Fantastic Ferrocement’ complete with dozens of coloured photos and dozens of diagrams.


Both Smashwords and kindle handled it fine, and it seems like a kind of miracle that all that is (or will be soon in the case of kindle which takes a few hours to appear) out there for instant download anywhere at any time of day or night. No printing or binding worries, no financial outlay, just time and a bit of agony in the left brain department. It gets easier though, and i am now about to offer the service to other even more techno-wary brothers and sisters of the writing kin.

see and sample up to 20% for free,  and with one click buy( ! 🙂 ) – the ebooks on offer from the wizard of eutopia on these two alternative author pages, on amazon and smashwords:



Well, now, what are you going to upload? (or pay me a small fee to?) It truly is free for the taking, and for the finding through google, and even if the books don’t sell for a year or three, they are still out there until the web falls or western civilisation, or you decide to take’em down…



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