how I put an ebook up on all known platforms

Well i think i did! In two simple (not really but sort of if jumping though hoops plus a bit of seat of pants joining the inexplicably not prejoined dots in the instructions with the help of the kindle user forum) steps i uploaded ‘How to be Creative – A Passport to Creativity’ onto:

1 SMASHWORDS – nice, almost intuitive, encouraging. Went ‘live’ almost straight away. here it is on smashwords:

2 AMAZON Kindle – sometimes confusing to newbie, but basically clear, given willingness to jump through hoops and various web pages. It was with Amazon i had to look up newbie questions on the forums they have. Will wait till the morning to see if live and all ok – takes up to 12 hours.


WHY these two? well amazon kindle apparently currently has maybe 65% of the ebook market, and smashwords doesn’t (yet) have a deal with them, but does get you into all the other main platforms/ebook retailers, in one FREE hit.

So between the two the net is spread wide. I’m told this is good as you never know which retailer or platform your ebook may ‘break out’ – go viral 🙂 – in. Assuming it does, it can then spread to the others. IF we stick with Amazon’s monopolistic KDP ‘select’ program to get the 70% royalty rate (less their ‘delivery’ charge whatever THAT is!) then we are forgoing the ‘dark horses’ of the 35% of the market, and helping Amazon in anti-competitive practices, which i think is bad. So i used their ‘standard’ (really LOW!!!) 35% royalty to remain free and of good conscience. Smashwords give good rates, from 85% for their own bookstore, down to 60% for  the others they get you into, including apple, kobo diesel sony etc.

here is the cover of the ebook i uploaded. (based on my free pdf which is still on this blog and free, but this new edition is better, of course, and is only $2.99 US)



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