Finding our Mainspring

Success – It’s all about energy and where we personally find it. I think…

This week I got my ‘conative profile’ done, thanks Jim Huse! ( – he does these and much more)

(‘Conation is at the heart of the Kolbe Concept. It is one of the three parts of the mind, equal in importance to cognition (thinking) and affect (personality). Defined as action derived from instinct, purposeful striving, or volition, the term has fallen out of common parlance partly because of modern psychology’s focus on these two other mental dimensions.’ – from the Kathy Kolbe Corp website:

Unsurprisingly i got a 9 out of ten for ‘Quickstart’ energy – i.e. in Lifetree system = Green zone – creativity, but only 2 for ‘Follow-through’ – the Lifetree Red zone.  I really ‘got’ that our home zone (mine is Green) is where we have the most energy, and the others we have to nurture and supplement in order to get them flowing too. According to the Lifetree system, life only flows when we have all four zones flowing freely.

So, if we have low ‘follow-through’ energy, we should do our follow-through (like, for me, editing, completion, selling work) in our highest-energy times of our working day, and not for long so we don’t get exhausted!

But i saw  that that is only a stopgap if we’re still trying to force ourselves to follow through on something that isn’t central to what our life is about – our ‘Mainspring’.

SO, if we lack energy in our work and it never seems to come to fruition, maybe the first thing to do is to go back to the original idea and motivation for doing it in the first place, and ask, ‘Is this a present part of the Mainspring of my life? Would I be upset at not having done this when i am on my deathbed?’

Being able to answer ‘Yes!’ to this is important even if we are working for an employer and getting regular pay-cheques; how much more vital it is when we are trying to run a business of our own, with all its burdens and need for immense follow-through energy before we see a single payday!

For the last few years i’ve been in this boat, as my energies felt all divided and dissipated, and besides that severely limited by age and the peculiar exhaustion which comes from nothing coming to a pay-day, as it were – ‘jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today’, to quote Alice in Wonderland.

but I am seeing the light. I must urgently find my Mainspring i.e. ‘Life Purpose’ (I pretty well have, luckily!) and then DO that, make that number one and keep it number one, in the real Red Zone of follow-through, until some pay-days start coming.

Or not. If not, I will have given it a go, and will have valuable experience and insights about what doesn’t work.

What is the Wizard of Eutopia’s mainspring? I think it is:

To articulate and help actualise Eutopia –

To articulate the dream of the possible Human and the possible Civilisation through my writing and arts;

– To perfect the Lifetree tools so others can use them to defragment their own mind, find the mainspring of their own life and act on it, and thus help create Eutopias and reverse the decline of the True West which, however imperfect, is a manifestation of  Beauty, Truth and Freedom – and sometimes even of Love.

What is your Mainspring?


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