“We’re off to be the Wizard”

I read this phrase in a wonderfully fun and inspiring book called “I Had it all the Time!” by – I’d tell you if i hadn’t lent the book to a new friend who appeared synchronously at the door of the Lifetree Lounge this week. Both the new friend and the author live in Hawaii, and the book appeared in Raewyn’s handbag the day Brent turned up.

One of the main things a wizard must do is practice creating ‘thin places’, as the Celts apparently called them, sacred spaces where there is an agreement to allow the other side, or the level of faery, or the divine, to speak to us and help us become the wizards of our own lives (see my free poster  ‘How to be a Wizard’ on this blog) and so be radiate magic in spontaneous waves around us .

Our current ‘thin place’ is the New Leaf hall, now AKA the Lifetree hall, which was the local church since WWII and then a surfboard workshop, and was  finally tendered off to eutopians peter and raewyn harris. We tried to sell it and the ark for 18 months, and finally accepted there WAS a work to be done here – the Dream was not to die a natural death due to mere lack of money. Some wonderful synchronous meetings have occurred here already, and in this space i am finishing carving the Lifetree game, the round tree-table at which the fivefold process of creation and growth is enacted by the players, using marbles, domes, cards and wands. All problems of life are ‘treetable’ here! 🙂 sorry, i’ll leaf off the puns right now.

So, what is your thin place, and what do you feel the call to create within it? Remember it begins, according to my best knowledge, with BEING. Then that leads to magically charged DOING, and that finally to HAVING the results. How often do we get that order messed up in a lifetime? – and end up needing reminder after reminder from the other side, or our higher Self, or our guardian angel, or wherever you think reminders of that sort come from?

Perhaps the reminders come most often through words spoken through other fallible humans. But they occur to us as the living word of God as it were. I’ll tell you my current reminder. Try this:

What is the one thing that, if you were shuffling off this mortal coil, you would say ‘oh no, i didn’t ever do it!’ Go now, and begin it!

For me it was to teach what i have been learning. To teach the philosophy i have come to know can defragment the divided mind and make it whole and balanced, creative and powerful, as befits those creatures who walk upright between heaven and earth and can join the two, we who can guess at and solve the riddles of ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything‘, and rejoice in the wonder of it all.


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