The Lifetree Lounge

The Tree of Life game is developing again – on a bigger table – and i plan to host philosophy/game workshops in the hall, or ‘lounge’ as i am calling it now – more homely…

I am looking for the best names. The hall is now the Lifetree Lounge. at present iv’e got a sign stencilled:


but nothing’s written in stone!

i want to teach creative thinking, what Whitehead called ‘Adventures of ideas’,  interactively using the Game,  so people – friends, couples, enterprises, groups – experience ‘being’ Love, Beauty, Truth and Freedom by playing the game together. The aim is not to teach metaphysical doctrines, but a graphic model and tool for understanding any process, including  one’s own mind… (this understanding is never complete – Godel proved it’s impossible for any system to know itself completely – but it’s so worth going on the journey of self-awareness).
Lifetree is a method for ‘defragmenting’ the mind and uncovering its rules and presuppositions so as to be able to move forward/grow with new clarity, and to find what we are most naturally passionate about – our life purpose.

Interested? Come along and play the game – there is a rule booklet and also i would play it with you and guide you through the Tree of Life ‘labyrinth’.

i need guineapigs, ‘early adopters’ and beta testers….


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