School of Philosophy at the Ark – doors are open now

On the 2nd of January, the suppressed dream leapt out of my subconscious and blossomed into a vision which once let out into the sunlight of conscious thought has

(a) given me a migraine (helped by my foolish imbibing of a small glass of bubbly) and (b) lodged itself near the top of my pencil-scrawled  list of priorities for 2012.

Is there anything (for a eutopian philosopher) more important than helping others like himself get their own thinking, and thereby their lives, unstuck? How else can we overcome the doubter, cynic and nihilist within, and be part of the renaissance and defence of the True West?

So, defying the unworthy doubter (and craven budgeter) within my own breast, I am taking the first small steps towards such a glorious outcome. I will start a new blog i think, purely for the School. I will write a manifesto there, and forthwith open the doors of the Ark and the New Leaf hall for symposia (aka ‘classes’) – possibly Saturdays, possibly whenever folk can come. Overnight accommodation available if needed. If this excites you – as it ought to! 🙂 – do get in touch and plan to at least join the blog, and preferably come to the Ark and do some life-changing philosophy with us.

Also I am going to try making a donation button. In CASE you feel unaccountably and irrationally (or rationally) moved to donate to the cause of the school of (eutopian) philosophy based on the ‘Tree of Life’ process diagram and the enlightened tradition of the Peripatetics, i am first making a button for wizardgifts and the new (New Leaf?) School of Philosophy…

here goes:

YAY! it worked!? Test this button now by donating and make cultural history! 🙂

Although we (the philosophical ‘we’) are self-funding in principle, as we begin this there are setup and spreading-the-word costs, and I want to make it easy for you to support us in this early stage.

Also I want to test it for readers as they make their own blogs and websites to promote and/or sell their works. As a sufferer from tech-angst myself I am doing what i can to get the know-how here on this site – and link to other helpful sites. the instructions i am following are here:


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