Duelling doglets and a school for getting unstuck

The threshold of the year 2012… what can I say honestly? To myself i say, gird up thy loins, it may be a hard one. But we can rejoice in all that is revealing love, beauty, truth or freedom in this world. What else to do otherwise, but give in to the darkness, or the fog, and let it seep into our souls?

Let’s be (crazy if necessary) candle-lighters this year.

We are (potentially) noble beings, the successful product of 4 million years of struggle, war and famine – and love and hope and learning. Let us go forth and make that dent in the universe we are more than ever before able to make! In the Balance, of course… 🙂

Why the title? Well this was my funniest photo from our short holiday in Gisborne staying with our daughter and her doglet honey, our Poppy’s baby of last year. We noticed the One Love caption on the fridge later…

One more thing before the comic relief. Yesterday i sat down to a reflective coffee bubble with Rae in the New Leaf hall and within a minute or two a totally new thought struck me – or an old thought struck me in a new context… I should start a school of philosophy. right here, this year, now. In between book design and new leaf and writing… It happened because rae was saying how getting unstuck is the tricky thing for her. I thought there are many things you could say but is there one algorithm that is fool-proof? if there is it must be in the realm of philosophy, because that is the study of what we can know and how we can know it, and how we can escape our present unknowing and our present pesuppositions which hold us to old thoughts and block us from having new thoughts.

I suddenly saw that my Tree of Life aspect theory of process has the key to this ‘problem of the Beginning’. i can get ANYONE unstuck using it. or their money back…:) And how can we defend the True West if we don’t know how to get our thoughts clear and get unstuck and act with wisdom and clarity and creativity?

Watch this space.

oh yes, the duelling doglets:

Duelling doglets under the One Love sticker

Happy New Year. And tell me what you think about the school of philosophy. Will anyone come? Should that stop me? at least i can write the getting your thoughts unstuck handbook and put it up here…



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