How to be a Wizard

This year i was asked to speak at Goodey’s bookshop on the topic of ‘Holding a Vision’ (in my case, the ‘Cafe Eutopia’ vision), and as i agonised about it i realised that it was essentially bound up with a larger question, of how to be the wizard of one’s own life. Everyone needs a measure of ‘wizardry’ in their lives in order to have a good vision for their life and faithfully hold it, and finally manifest it in the ‘real’ (ie concrete, material) world. If we are clearly of the ‘wizard’ type/archetype, it’s easy to assume everyone else is either like us or so unlike us as to be a lost cause, enemies of who we are.

We all have some leaning towards some central ‘archetype’ which is at the core of our nature, but we also all can benefit from having a bit of the others operating in our lives also. So, i saw that the power of ‘wizardry’ is something we all need, if only to identify and then manifest our desires and aspirations powerfully in this fragmented and disenchanted modern world.

i therefore drew a chart i called ‘How To Be A Wizard:

Here it is, free for the downloading as a quite small PDF:

How to be a Wizard poster med file

Here it is as a 30 meg press quality PDF:

how to be a wizard poster

I will ad some later reflections and revelations on the subject in future posts, if i am spared!



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2 responses to “How to be a Wizard

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  2. nice to get a ping-back (what IS a ping-back?:) This How to be a Wizard has turned up in google images high up on first page under ‘how to be a wizard’ – which is gratifying. I intend to do some followup – how to be the wizard of our own life is a current issue in these challenging times when we are exposed to the world as never before, and have to connect with our ‘mainspring’ pretty positively to be able to keep a clear sense of purpose and identity in the teeming web. Will the real ME (the overman, the higher self, the essential self, the realised integrated self) please stand up? He or she is needed as never before in human history.

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