Defragging our minds and mastering the labyrinth

This week i was driving through the green countryside on my way to the Big Smoke (Auckland) and reflecting on the long process it had been to defragment my hard drive. several all-night processings by a defragging program i bought specially since the windows one wouldn’t do more than a superficial scan before giving up in disgust… This program each morning cheerfully told me the defrag was done, but the ‘critical’ warning remained, and the barchart of the disk looked like a dozen barcodes set end to end and coloured red and pink. The blue of high-performing files was just a couple of narrow bands,  and the white of free space was a mere thread. But it was still better than it had been, and the laptop runs a bit less slowly. I thought, ‘My life these 57 years has been like one long defragging.’ I’ve been sorting through the huge data dump called Education, Our Culture, The Way Things Are. We all have to go through this, in a free society where the ‘Truth’ is contested. We have to choose what to believe, what to deleted from our memories, what to demote to ‘junk files for eventual deleting’, etc.

But the wizard in us is the stubborn seeker who believes there is a way out of every labyrinth, and doesn’t rest until it has found it. The wizard then is a way-shower, able to help others through some labyrinth and out the other side. We might be a relatively simple wizard of gardening, of crochet or cricket; or if Wizard is our central calling in this life, we may be a way-shower for a larger part of the cultural labyrinth – politics, or morals, or architecture or art, or even the entire foundational philosophy of our culture.

Whatever area we become the wizard of, when we are ready we will know because it will seem easy, and others will notice and ask for our help. Wonderful stage to be at! So, we will get there if we don’t stop believing and keep learning until we have mastered the part of the labyrinth that is ours to master…


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