the eleventh hour phenomenon

On the 11th of the 11th of the 11th, i’m thinking this: that the darkest hour is before the dawn. of course in the decimal system 11 is already the new day, 10 having been safely passed. and who knows exactly where they are in the battles of life? i’ve been reading a bit from Great War Speeches – Sir Winston Churchill. randomly picked up from our bookshelf in the new leaf hall. it made me proud of the human (British)  spirit in the face of great darkness and fear and unprecedented ‘perverted science’ as he called the Nazi war machine, to just ‘keep buggering on’ as he used to say. there were so many setbacks, so many disasters, and it must have been so hard to know if they were at the beginning of the end, or as he said ‘the end of the beginning’. but if it seems darker than ever, it could be the dawn is at hand. then we redouble our efforts, find new powers, and triumph at last, in the nick of time, at the eleventh hour.

i feel we all need to remember this kind of example as the days become darker, at least economically…   and keep the greatest dreams of the human spirit alive. Beauty. Truth. Love. Freedom… Civilisation. We who love it must be prepared to fight for it, and it’s first a fight of the spirit, against the brute forces of financial pressure and worry

i was reading a poem from hafiz this morning:

find that flame, that existence,

That wonderful man,

Who can burn beneath the water.

No other kind of light

Will cook the food you


– from ‘the subject tonight is love’ translated by daniel ladinsky.

We all may need to learn how to ‘burn beneath the water’ Like churchill did.



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