website of New Leaf Network now live is all go now, so much of the stuff i talk about here will go to that site. the best New Leaf logo for on the web seems to be the one with the black background… So, moving on to next things, like how do you write a constitution that brings out all the best in people and diverts the rest?

while all this unfolds i am living in the Ark in ‘town’ – main road, kaiwaka that is… I felt uncentred or unaligned, until i moved the bed around to face along the ark instead of across. still working through the increased ‘exposure’ here and resisting urges to withdraw. ‘real life’, as martin buber said, ‘is meeting’ and i think he meant people, not just ideas… I think though it’s important to ‘meet’ your place, feel what it is and what it can be. The Ark can be more harmonious to live in with some changes… Also it needs its charter. is it to be the Ark of Books?


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