A New NEW Leaf for Self-Publishing

The New Leaf Network

New Leaf Network logo as at 22nd Sept 2011

(This logo is yet to be finalized – it’s a ‘rapid prototype’ i did. Rapid prototyping is a great thing for rapid evolving – ‘ready, fire, aim’!)

This is a new movement I am co-founding right now, whereby we writers totally, radically empower ourselves and –

1: Set up our own local printing and binding workshops where we profitably print and bind our own books to a high quality using simple, fast, inexpensive POD (print on demand) technology.

(Think 2 minutes and NZ$4 to make a 200 page paperback. The somewhat revolutionary seed knowledge for this is imparted to each group by me (Peter Harris, writer, inventor, builder of Café Eutopia, former owner of E-press POD). I will also share many techniques for limited edition bindings, including ‘burnt-edge’ books, embossed covers, acid-free etching, etc.)

2: Share,  ideas, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and technologies for writing, promoting and selling our own works on the website (to be created with WordPress of course!)  and in a handbook. ‘Nobody is as smart as Everybody’.

3: Have unprecedented fun and satisfaction in creating beautiful books from our own writings, profitably and easily, sharing in a non-threatening context with others who follow the often lonely path of being a writer. (Think Kelmscott Press (William Morris) for the 21st century, making books that are beautiful like his but also affordable to the average person, and also making beautiful ebooks that anyone anywhere can download.)

4: Build a powerful shared expertise in self-publishing digitally (ebooks, videos and more) as well as physically in the scary new and  exciting global internet economy. (Meet your new Publisher – look in the mirror…)

5: Foster a new caring about Beauty (as well as Love, Truth and Freedom), with an (optional) ‘new Kelmscott’ style or imprint, which redesigns the printed book as a sacred artefact of high art and craft, not a mass-produced commodity; yet made with clever techniques to allow them to sell for a price accessible not just to the rich.

We are starting the first New Leaf workshop in Kaiwaka, Northland New Zealand where I (mostly) live. To find out more, email me at peter@eutopia.co.nz I’ve done a draft constitution and an illustrated manifesto which I can email you. And theres an email list you are welcome to join, of course! And very soon the website, beginning with a dedicated blog, at newleafnetwork.org.



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    Awesome picture!

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